"The manner in which one endures what must be endured is more important than the thing that must be endured"
US Secretary of State Dean Acheson (who was Guest of Honour at the College's first Speech Day in 1958)

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A light-hearted look back over the past 70 years

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Last update: 30th November 2021           
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100 Club

The November OW 100 Club draw was carried out on  24th November at The Squirrels Drey in Sporle, Swaffham and this month's winners are:                             

John Mayes - resident of Thetford 

Trevor Chapman - resident of Walmer, Kent                             

Cheques in the sum of £55 each have been despatched. 

Steve and I were joined by Chris Parnham, Anne Bradley (Ashworth), Jerry Linden-Ball, William "Trev" Trevethick, Sandra Howard, Jo Voelker (Bassingthwaite), David Howard and wife Geraldine, Jennie Foster (Clarke), John Mewse and partner Anne, Nick Robinson.

Nick was a debutant as well as being the OW Vice Chairman.  He kindly carried out the draw for us but sadly didn't win.  Much disappointment from him as he had been advised that, merely by attending a draw, he was guaranteed to win!!

It was a convivial evening in the relaxed environment of a  village hostelry.  The 'generation span" was from 1951 to 1983 (I think) so lots of stories covering those years were recalled. 

The December STAR draw will be held at the Queen of Iceni, Norwich  on Thursday 9th December 2021 from noon [draw expected to take place around 2.30pm]. 

This is the Sixties Bunch annual Xmas get together and it is always an enjoyable event with attendees from many different eras. The STAR prizes are £500, £200 and £75. 

Hope to see some of you there.

Take care all. 


Phil Robinson

OW 100 club administrator - Philrobinson55@btinternet.com


   I have been made aware of a revitalised Facebook page recently renamed Wymondham College Alumni which has lots of interesting comments and reminicences:- https://www.facebook.com/groups/1532014457127574

It's a Private Group so you might need to be approved by a current member.


Just a reminder that the The Chapel Project appeal was launched with the aim of preserving the last remaining Nissen hut at the college. The Old Wymondhamians have made a substantial donation to this cause although it doesn't show up on this running total page.


More details can be seen at here:- https://www.wymondhamcollege.org/404/news/post/41/the-chapel-project


If any of the above links do not work, please copy and paste into your browser.  Ed.




100 Club 2018 appeal

Blank Mandate




A quick reminder - if you need to order anything from Amazon, please click on the image on the left first, the link will take you to the normal Amazon page but the Old Wymondhamians will get a small percentage of what you spend - at no extra cost to you!  







Would you like to buy a Wymondham College bespoke branded belt?

Please click on the image left to https://www.mybelt.co.uk/wyc

They have interchangeable buckles which can be custom made individually at no extra cost.

£5 to the College for every one sold.




November Update  


   College News - Secondary School of the Year        

       Wymondham College has been recognised at the National Teaching Awards for 'Making A Difference' and was voted 'Secondary School of the Year'. The achievement means that Wymondham College becomes the first school in Norfolk to ever win an award at the National Teaching Awards.  The article from the EDP can be seen here.


 Sixties Bunch Christmas Drinks   

'The 60's Bunch Christmas Drinks get-together this year will be on Thursday 9th December from 12 noon at the Queen of Iceni pub on Riverside, Norwich - about 300m from the train station towards Carrow Road.  Look forward to seeing you there - all past students welcome to join us'.  Philip Wade    



      100 Club Update

 Are you a 100 Club member?  Every month two prizes of £55 are awarded and twice a year, July and December, we have a STAR draw when three larger prizes are awarded, £500, £200 and £75.                           

To be in with a chance of winning why not join the OW 100 Club.  Please get in touch with Phil Robinson and he will guide you through the process.                                    



 â€œWartime on a Country Estate – Some Americans in Norfolk 1943-1945”

If you have an interest in what the Wymondham College site was like immediately prior to the establishment of Wycol, Anne & Adrian Hoare [teachers between 1974 and 1994] have written and published the above A4 book.

The book is about a Norfolk Country House Estate requisitioned for the war effort. On its land, an American Army Hospital was built to care for US Army Air Force casualties and later ground forces from the Normandy Campaign against the Nazis. It tells the stories of those who met there – airmen, doctors, nurses, Red Cross workers, drivers, military police, soldiers and musicians, sometimes in the own words and with their own photographs.

The book is available from Anne and Adrian by contacting them at:- adrianhoare@btinternet.com The cost is only £7.00 which includes postage and packing to UK addresses. 

Click here for a glimpse at the front cover - an image many early alumni will recognise.


CCF Volunteers needed for the College 



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College News


For the latest College news please visit their website - www.wymondhamcollege.org  



We would love to hear about any reunions being held, however small.  Let us know beforehand if you would like to encourage people to attend or send in a report afterwards so we are kept up to date about what's happening out there!  Photos always gratefully received too!


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If you attended Wymondham College as a student or member of staff, your membership of the Old Wymondhamians is automatic. 







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