"The manner in which one endures what must be endured is more important than the thing that must be endured"
US Secretary of State Dean Acheson (who was Guest of Honour at the College's first Speech Day in 1958)

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A light-hearted look back over the past 60 years

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Last update: 3rd November 2014
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100 Club

The October OW 100 Club draw was carried out at The Fox & Hounds at Weasenham St. Peter and this month's winners were:-

Carole Arnold - resident of Norwich
Tony Lake – resident of North Walsham [just confirming the statistic that, if you attend one of our draws, you win a prize shortly afterwards!!]

Cheques in the sum of £55.00 have been dispatched.

This month we were joined by Jon Tolley, Sandra Howard, Neil and Liz [Sasada] Bishop. Plenty of lively chat ensued. Neil and Liz are about to [or already have] celebrated being married for 42 years! Liz carried out the draw for us. The Fox & Hounds is a friendly country pub and the landlord was very accommodating and opened up the dining room just for us so that we could have a bit of peace and quiet. The beers on offer were Adnams Broadside, Greene King IPA and a Batemans brew that I didn’t catch the name of as it was “off”! A score of 8.5 is well deserved.

The November OW draw will be held at The Gamekeeper at Old Buckenham on Wednesday 26th November at 8.00pm.

Hope to see some of you there.

Best Regards,

Phil Robinson
OW 100 Club Administrator - Philrobinson55@btinternet.com


The OW Summer Newsletter has recently been emailed to all those on our database. We have had several returned to us as the email addresses no longer exist. If you haven't received a copy and would like us to keep in touch with you by email - usually no more than twice a year - please get in touch with our Alumni Secretary, Caroline Hall with your new details.

The Newsletter can be seen by clicking on the image on the left.


Old Wymondhamians Travel Award

Last year's award winner Bella, is now at Uni in Manchester studying Art but has sent in a final report.

There are also photos which can be viewed with the following link:


This year's award winner is Rachel Campbell Still and she has started her year in Guyana. Her blog is here and makes fascinating reading:




November Update

I would encourage you all to read the blogs from our Travel Award recipients in the box above. The students really are thrown in at the deep end but seem to thrive on it.

If anyone has any news of past students or has held a reunion, large or small, we would love to hear all about it - and see photos!


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College News

Leading Norfolk figure Lady Ralphs passes away at the age of 99
Norwich Evening News

She was governor of Norwich School, Wymondham College and Culford School and was president of the Norwich branch of the United Nations


“Do everything you can” to get your children a place at Wymondham ...
Norfolk Eastern Daily Press
Wymondham College has been included in a list of 20 schools society magazine Tatler claims are the “creme de la creme” of the state sector.



100 Club Update - OWs in 2013 - Click here for the latest news and for information on how to join.
College Heritage Room Click here for more information.  
OW's in 2013 David Spinks has written a few words outlining our current situation and a call for new OWs to help with various functions on our Committee which can be found here.  

OW Newsletter

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We would love to hear about any reunions being held, however small.  Let us know beforehand if you would like to encourage people to attend or send in a report afterwards so we are kept up to date about what's happening out there!  Photos always gratefully received too!


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