Spot the Mistake (1986)

This photo of a girls' dorm appeared in the 1986 School Prospectus.  See if you can spot what's wrong before reading on .....

Steve Fox explains:  "I thought you would be especially interested to see this particular photo as it contains a huge mistake - namely that as the photo shoot was done on the last day of term, the girls were instructed to hurriedly re-occupy their dorm and put all their pictures back on the walls.

Unfortunately, the laundry run had already been done & the beds didn't have any sheets on them so the girls had to use their duvets in an effort to cover the nasty old mattresses as best they could. As you can see from the bed in the foreground, they didn't succeed all that well!  By the time this was noticed, the photo had already been included, printed and sent out to lots and lots of prospective parents, much to the horror of the senior staff."

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