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Judy Harris and Anne Thornton.
Brian Leverett and Pat Dack.
Mervyn Beck and Anne Thornton.
Shirley Johnson and Mildred Roberts.
Mary Freestone (half of), Elizabeth/Lydia Bunning, Judy Harris and Anne Thornton.  Lenny Lait (?) is just above Judy's head.
Hubert Harbord and Miss Rose.
Pam Seeley (Miss Cooper) and Brenda Garrard (Miss Pye).
Eileen Baron (Miss Fox) and Pat Dack.
Peggy Wright, Margaret Smith and Anne Thornton.
Anne Thornton, Margaret Smith, David Spinks and half of Margaret Brown.  Margaret writes: "The face in the navy suit may be Derek Daniels who lived in the village and delivered veg. to the College on a noisy old cart."
Gwen/Lynn Eastwood and Judy Harris.
Aubrey Hammond and Anne Thornton.
Joyce Daniels, Jackie Savage and Cynthia Robinson.
Joyce Pycroft (Daniels), Mrs Hodgson, Jim Hodgson and Jackie Savage.
Margaret Wright and Mary Scott.
Libby, Mary, Cynthia and Jackie.

Miles & Eileen Baron.
Judy Harris, Margaret Smith and Betty Watling.
Anne Bean, Janet Wing and Pat Dack.
Bill managed to lose the names for this photo ... help please!
As other group (above) plus Jenny Sayer and Jackie Savage.


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