1st XV 1984/85
Copied from the 1985 College Magazine

Back row: Stuart Cavillero, Dave Young, Will Lockwood, NK, Julian Kerr, Tom Baron, NK, Matthew Yates, Stuart Dougherty, Alastair Hayton-Williams (new Head of PE)
Front row:  Paul Brackley, Chris Robinson, Cameron?, David Masdin (Capt.), Mr Wolsey, Kevin Hancock, Simon Ralfs, Jonathon Wheeler, Anthony Hall

Received before Alastair Hayton-Williams was identified:

"I forget the name of the sports teacher.  He took over from the very popular Terry Williams and we had a huge losing streak.  This culminated in all being called in to the Head's office to have it out, and we all laid the blame squarely at his door.  I don't really remember how fair that was, but I didn't care much for his approach, and do recall his bringing his previous school's team over.  They beat which ever team I was in at the time, though almost entirely because they had one freakishly huge teenage giant player (probably two 40 year olds tied together).  A bad start that never improved.  The upshot was that the second half of term kicked off with the season's grudge match against Greshams.  Most of the school got the afternoon off and had to come and watch.  A crowd-pleasing nail biter I seem to recall.  Cameron gave a penalty, and watched with the most tense body language imaginable as Greshams lined up to kick the decisive penalty.  Luckily for him they missed.  We won .  Hoorah!" - Dave Young

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