Junior Cross-country 1966
Photo copied from the 1966 College Magazine

At the bottom of the Park; pavilion off to the right.

On extreme left is Chris Garner (Gloucester), followed by Geoff Worsfold and to the right of the black guy (who's name I forget [Hutton - Ed.]) is his love rival for Pat Sparks' affections - Tony Cronin (Canterbury). Between and behind [Hutton] and Cronin is Francis Wright (Gloucester ). How DID Francis manage to keep that perfect parting while running across windswept fields etc.? I'm not in it; I only ran in the Intermediates in 1968 and came 72nd (6 houses -12 per team) .... er! Oh well!

Ian Gomeche

It wasn't so hard when our hair was that short. To compensate, I have looked fairly dishevelled ever since leaving -- one advantage of being an academic is that I can get away with that.

For those of you who like coincidences, it seems that Tony Cronin teaches PE at my children's school (as Ian knows). I thought I recognised him some time ago, but he has never specifically taught either of my children so I have never had a good opportunity to talk to him, and he has never shown any sign of recognising me. From a brief conversation he had a few days ago with my younger daughter, who is still at school, I think Tony currently thinks I'm my brother, who was much sportier than I ever was.

Francis Wright

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