6th Form Chemistry
Between Sep 1964 and Jun 1966 - possibly the western end of hut 40

At the back: Mr Rutherford & Adrian Knights (in front of the Fume Cupboard).
Back bench: J. 'Tommy' Young, Peter Melvin
Middle bench: Robin Jarvis, Nunn (a CGS student), Dave Digby.
Front bench: Julian 'Charlie' Smith, David Busby, Mike Smith

"I am pretty sure that is me with my head down at the end of the bench on the left. I seem to recall some guy with a big camera one day. The most significant aspect of that picture is that it was of the U6 of 1966, and even if it was L6 days the people were the same, and I was told that of the 13 or 14 of us under Roly's tutelage all received A grade passes in A-level GCE Chemistry. Burdett (not in the picture) got a B." - Robin Jarvis

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