Peel Hall towards Fry Hall 1983

This were taken in my leaving year of 1983, when Peel was 6th form only with Mr Entwistle and Miss Ferguson at the helm. I spent a lot of time under the big tree in the picture waiting to be let into that nissen hut for Hums (Humanities) or History. The mobile in view was the computer block of my day. I think there was one BBC computer on site, and it was housed here. All a bit of a mystery for us, and not very interesting as the only "game" was something to do with setting the trajectory for a rocket mission to the moon! No Tony Hawk's skateboarding for us!!

Julie Espley (Roberts)

I like your Peel to Fry photo. It has many of the bedroom windows that I spent time in. Along with the girls end of sickbay.... where I spent time too!

[The hut between the tree and the mobile used to be the annex. Home to many 2nd year boys in the 60s and very early 70s. The double doors on the end was our official entrance. The first room was a locker room where we had to remove our outdoor shoes and put on slippers before entering the main dormitory with its polished lino floor. The sickbay was the next hut to the right just out of view - Steve]

Moira Greenlee

For me, the Peel Fry pic starts the commentary in my mind of: "So that's the view the boys had...". I've never seen it before and allows me to imagine it from their point of view. There was a lot of waving and messages and allsorts going on before boys and girls were mixed.

Joanna Bassingthwaighte

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