U16 Squad 1986/87

Back row: Simon Bird, Graeme Bones, Darren Mendham, Danny Langley, Nic Soleau, Paul Baystings, James Durham, Anton Bull, Robert Griffiths, Tim Salter, Francis Brackley, Mr Cliff 'Cosh' Martin
Front row: Ken Copland, Peter Sparks, Adrian Belsham, Phil Yates, James Wood, Neil Pallant Jason Hayter, Sim Marshall, Peter Blair

"Phil Yates was a very talented flanker of a rugby player, spotted by Alistair Hayton-Williams and put in the First XV in the fifth form. A quiet lad, least he hardly spoke to me, but always purposeful and dynamic on the field of play. He was one of those guys that simply got on with things.  Tim Salter was a great person; kind and considerate in all that he did and I coached him in the fifth form where, I think, he was captain of the XV then.  A full back by trade and thoughtful in his play, I did admire the way that he always put the team first. My abiding memory of him was when he was in the sixth form and he did softball with me rather than the more serious pursuit of athletics or cricket. My wife wandered down, heavily pregnant with my first born and gave me a message.  Tim looked at me and said "Is your wife pregnant?" to which the the rest of the group looked at him bemused.
Not wanting to embarrass anybody, I replied that she was. Tim then said "Well you could have told me!"  Everyone smiled quietly at that.  Probably a tale in which you had to be there ..."

Cliff Martin

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