Those Wild West Girls

 Summer 1960 - First Form

L to R: Sally Stone on Kay Farrow, Jackie Wilkinson on Margaret George, Jane Marter on Carole Pettitt, Jane Powell, Nicola Chittock.  Jenny Penn at the front.

Note telephone box (the only one) and Fry Hall at right.  Photo taken on grassed area in front of Peel dining hall.

Summer 1961

Wendy Carter at the window.  Bridget Flaxman on Jane Marter. Others in the back row are Sarah Betts, Liz Bradley, Jenny Hall & Lorna Jarvis.  At the front: Anne Gallaway behind Rosina (Roxy) Francis, Ros Scott with Jackie Troughton and others include Bronwyn Dale and Wendy Footer behind Hilary Dewhirst.  2 names to add?

July 1964

Sally Stone on Chris McDermott, Pat List on Jenny Penn, Mary Moore on Margaret George, Liz Case on Sarah Betts, Carolyn Ore on Karen Walker.

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