1967 Spring Concert

These photos came from Arthur Berry (Director of Music) and were taken in the Sports Hall, probably at the end of the Spring Term.  Arthur replaced Paul Wrench at the end of 1965.

A view from the gallery.

Woodwind in full flow while the strings relax.

Clearly a novelty number!  David Anderson (triangle), Dick Bawden (duck-call?), Roger Garrard (toy drum), Charles Worrall (kazoo?), Mike Brand (mini maraccas?), Marjorie Colls (?) and Ken Bowman (?).  Hilda Hawkyard (left of centre) is in stitches.  In the back row we have Nigel Tansley Thomas on trumpet (between Messrs. Bawden & Garrard),  Annie Jones on trumpet (between Messrs. Garrard and Worrall), one unknown then John Ord ("pretending to play the trombone" - John).  Just visible behind Ken Bowman is Michael Crofts.

"The third photo of the three of the orchestra with the members of staff playing comic instruments was taken during the playing of Haydn's Toy Symphony. It caused much hilarity and great applause when they played it the year before and I guess it was put into the programme again as a bit of a light relief.  What happened to Arthur Berry by the way? I always saw him as an excellent choirmaster and, provided nobody went silly, he always made choir practices and performances interesting and fun and encouraged us to enjoy our music - this was one of the few things I really looked forward to at school apart from the bus ride home at the end of term." - Alan Dean

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