The Senior Choir 1966

Back row:  Clive Swetman, Adrian Dubock, Theo Stibbons, Tim Fitt, the youngest Amiss, Stephen Oliver, William Weston, Derek Chown (?), NK, Philip Trett, Ian Palmer, David Mobbs, Trevor Wilson, Hamish McLay, Leo Barnes, Adrian Marfleet, Alan Dean, Andrew Latten, David Eddy, Greg Powell,  NK (surname George?), Stephen Hazzard, David Holloway
2nd row:  Angela Cornwell, Jane Cordle, Stephanie Randall, Sarah Coggles (hiding), Catherine Sadler ("If I remember correctly her Mum used to write stories for Listen with Mother!" - Annette Booth (Spear)), Linda Worsfold, Sandra Hathaway, Mollie Mallett, NK, Maggie Amberton, Bridget Flaxman, Christine Brown, Liz Emerson, Ruth moss, NK [last 4 might not be in the correct order - Ed]
Front row:  Sally Howell, Susan Watts, NK, Hilary Weaver, NK, Penny Jacobs, Mr. Arthur Berry, Perdita Morgan, Christine Lawton, Thelma Worby, Penny Buck, Eileen Forster

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