Biology Society Field Trip c1965 (or 1964?)
(to either Lopham Fen or Mundesley or Thetford Chase!)

There's been more debate & conflicting views about this photo than any other on the site.  Additional input welcome!

1  Robert Titman
3  Dorothy (Dotty) Watson (Bio teacher)
4  Harry Wymer (driver)
5  James 'Harry' Roberts (?)
6  Terry 'Tubbance' Wright
7  David Noble
8  Ian Gomeche
9  Heather Ramsay
10  David 'Alfie' Mason
12  Felicity Galloway (?)
13  Lynnette Conner
14  Mobbs
15  Tim Warren
16  Brian Ellis
17  John Ord
19  20  Ian Church 21 
22  Nicholas Wincott 23  24  David Mills
25  Mary Cameron or Pamela Reeves (?) 26  Susan Daniels 27 
28  Marion Adcock    

Harry Wymer's trusty steed, the 'Red Devil,' is lurking at back.  More names anyone?  Sarah Hewitt's there somewhere ... possibly.

"I'm pretty certain no. 26 was Susan Daniels, and think that no.3 wasn't Dolly Davenport, but Dorothy (Dotty) Watson - I remember her well, because she really inspired me in Biology - had a flat in our house (Winchester or Westminster, they moved me halfway through, and can't remember, now!), and invited me in to watch her remove lice from a dead pike she had found - (I know, I know - but was fascinating at the time!).  I even went on to become a biology teacher - although now am head of art (long story and no thanks to RC (Arsy) Johnson or Miss Coles who taught art at the time, as I recall!)."

Lynnette Conner

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