Cavell Boat Trip 1978

Includes: Julia Symonds, Cathy Symonds, Ronnie Stapleton, Catherine Britton, Gareth Williams, Fiona Scott-Norman, Peter Hooper, Ashling Beatty and Andrew Lewins (capped and scarved).  With Mr Moss (Chemistry teacher).

From the 1979 College Magazine:

One never quite knows what to expect from Mr Coutts in Peel, so it can easily be imagined what would happen when he and Mr Moss got together to organize a week's holiday on a barge in Oxfordshire. Thus the twelve senior pupils, and Miss Riggs, who spent last autumn's half-term causing havoc on the Oxford Canal were just a little apprehensive as they set off. Our worries were unfounded. The mellow autumn days were spent peacefully drifting up and down canals that were for the most part deserted — could they have known we were coming? The only major port of call was Banbury where several of the male contingent spent some time looking in vain for the 'fine lady upon the white horse'. She probably knew we were coming too!

Among useful navigational skills learnt were: how to steer your barge onto the bank; how to break your barge engine and water pump; how not to economise with your food rations and how to fall in, kindly demonstrated by Fiona. Overall we had a very good week, plus sunsets for Ashling, and many thanks must go to Mr Moss, Mr Coutts and Miss Riggs — without whose help we would have been living on ships' biscuits, from Banbury, and the one and only fish caught during the whole week!


Ship's crew (not in order of helmsmanship or cooking): — Chris Boreham, Andrew Lynn, Andrew Lewins, Peter Hooper, Gareth Williams, Phil Vozza, Catherine Britton, Julia Symonds, Fiona Scott-Norman, Ronni Stapleton, Cathy Symonds, Ashling Beattie.

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