Scenes from 27 (1962/63)

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Yet another crop of photos from the Chris Smith collection.  They were mostly taken during the 1962/63 school year in Dorm 27; then forming part of the Annexe that housed the lucky (?) souls who could not be accommodated in the main Halls.

1. Cheers! WTJ Lawrence, Paul D. Clarke, Robin Jackson, Chris Smith and David Cole in a side-room study. 2. Still life. An RGD portable radio, 4oz tin of Nescafe, pint of milk, possibly Horlicks at the back, tie from Bonds of Norwich ... and a slide-rule.
3. Paul D. Clarke tucked up in bed. Laurie making toast on an incandescent electric ring, with mixed results. The others are Paul D. Clarke, Robin Jackson and David Cole.
5. Brewing up in a side-room. The Sunday Times Magazine first appeared in February 1962. Wasn't the the object in front of the ring used for glazing photographic prints? 6. WTJ Lawrence in a side-room study. The horizontal photographer is Paul D. Clarke.
7. Wall art. 8. Robin Jackson.
9. Chris Smith and Arthur 'Charlie' Palmer.  The headlines are Rail Cuts Threaten London Terminal and Nurses Claim May go to Arbitration. 10. Chris and Charlie again.
11. David Cole, Robin Jackson, Laurie and Paul D. Clarke.  The milk is in one of the third-pint bottles that (only Juniors?) were issued with at morning break. 12. David Cole, Robin Jackson and Laurie.
13. Robin Jackson, Laurie, Chris Smith, Paul D. Clarke and David Cole. 14. Chris Morris, NK, Charlie Palmer and Terry Scott - photo taken in 1961/62.
15. Paul caught by surprise. 16. Laurie bored with prep.
17. A study - with one of the standard-issue chests of drawers. 18.  Paul taping some records.
19. Chris' desk .... 20. ... and the man himself working hard.
21. Ken Coulter and Laurie. 22. Paul's holding a Penguin edition of The Bell by Iris Murdoch.
23. Life in the huts can have a strange effect ...... 24. .... on people.
25. Charlie Palmer, Mr Steve Wood (Annexe Housemaster) and Chris Smith. 26. David Cole, Laurie and ?
27. Ken Coulter. 28. Robin Jackson.
29. Chris and Gillian Corser. 30. Michael 'Herb' Amis - in November 1963.
31. Robin's inspecting for damage - perhaps after the Saturday dance! 32. Peter Jermy.
33. David Cole. 34. Laurie.
35. Paul D. Clarke. 36. Chris Smith.







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