The Sports Block 1963
Photos taken by Chris Smith

Chris Smith took these photos soon after the sports block was handed over to the College.

Tony Dew, Eddie Fincham, Roger Cole and Gerry Moon are identifiable in this photo of the Swedish gym.
Terry Marney shows how it's done.  Do you recognise anyone else?
The showers - in pristine condition and complete with a mangle for the swimming cozzies.
The sports hall, rigged for tennis.
A view of the sports hall from the gallery.
The Swedish gym ....
... and how it looked from the same angle after the 1972 fire.  There are more photos of the fire damage on this page.
The sports hall, showing the gallery.  The trampoline was popular, certainly in the early days.  There was no scope for such things in the previous nissen hut gym!
Instruments of torture in the sports store.

A few shots of the swimming pool

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