North Wales Easter 1956

This photo was provided by Hugh Currell.  It is remarkably similar to the one included in the Lake District (1955) set, with the same Norfolk Coachways driver and many of the same people, including Hodgson Jr. in a kilt.  Please let us know if you can identify more faces.  It's probable that the location is Dolfriog Hall (unless you know differently).

Back row: 7 x NK, Jim Hodgson, NK, Charlie Utting, Kevin Westnott, 4 x NK, Margaret Wilkinson, NK, Mike Cork, Mary Freestone, Miss Tebbutt, NK, Mr Eke (driver).
Front row: NK, Rodney Cook, James Hodgson Jr., NK, Julia Pitcher, NK, Hugh Currell, Bob Syrett, 2 x NK

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