York U6 lads at Deopham Aerodrome - Summer 1964

In World War II the airfield was home to the 452nd Bombardment Group, comprising four squadrons of B-17 Flying Fortresses (50 aircraft).
They flew 250 missions between February 1944 and April 1945.

L to R:  Tony Seymour, Pete Bush, Brian Perry, Herb Atkins, Merv Boast, Brian Porter, Graham Hawken, Trevor Dodd.

"This was our favourite Sunday afternoon hang-out, for a quiet smoke, sunbathe & fool-about in the control tower.  Note the absence of trousers and shirts!  I went back to Deopham in June 2007 to see what remained.  There wasn't much, apart from some of the concrete 'dispersal' areas and the main runway, part of which is now a road (see photo below).  The Control Tower was demolished in the late 1960s and the areas away from the road are prominently signed as Private Property, so it's not possible to look for the location above.  If anyone has an 'in' with the farmer(s), please let me know!" - Herb Atkins

The main runway (2000 yards long), looking North East.
A Google Earth image, overlaid with present-day roads and labelled with the main airfield features.  You can see a current map of the area here in Streetmap
The derelict Deopham Green Control Tower before it was demolished.
Philip Standley

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