Junior Common Room 1959/60

This photo is from a booklet "Education in Norfolk 1959-60" published by the Norfolk Education Committee.  It shows one of the Common Rooms from the new Boarding Houses. The door at the far end goes into the Housemaster's Office. The sixth form common room was a separate smaller room behind the camera position and next to the Dining Room.

At this time only Peel, Lincoln and maybe Fry would have been completed. From the layout and the furniture, including the newspaper rack, it could be the Durham side of Peel but there are some difference between the picture and 1968 when I started there. In particular at the far end of the room instead of the low height lockers were chairs and a black and white television. Can anyone get any other clues to the location?

The lockers were used as storage for books and anything needed during the day as going up to the dorms was not allowed except when it was your day for a bath. Despite the name these lockers had no locks.

Steve Grant

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