The German Exchange experience - 1960

Featuring: Herr Meyer (Gottingen School), Elaine Turvey, Liz Knights, Pauline Bishop, Sue Rudd, Ann Dunhill, Sue Culley, Ros Scott, Ruth Hales, Hilary Dewhirst and Margaret Burrows.  'Cuddly' Dudley (Physics and Anglia weather) and Miss Dolan over on the right.


1 - Elaine Turvey, 2 - Hilary Dewhirst, 3 - Eric Dudley, 4 - Irmhild Heyden


Here are some of the girls at the beach during the following summer.  The photo was sent in by Maureen Powles (nee Mason) who writes: "I have my arms around Jutte Linke (my German friend) and Pauline Bishop, but the other girls' names I am not too sure of."

Tony Seymour writes: 'The 1960 Gottingen trip involved Elaine Turvey a few months before we started going out at WC.  She was paired with Irmhild Leyden, and they kept up correspondence after the trip and the return visit by the German girls to the UK.  One of the last letters Elaine ever wrote was to Irmhild, whom I still visit periodically.  She married Hilmar in 1973 and they live near Dusseldorf.  On my last visit in 2001, Irmhild showed me the double list of the two sets of girls, and told me she and Elaine had maintained correspondence the longest of them all - any comment from our girls?'

We're grateful to Tony for allowing us to include a scan of Elaine Turvey's autograph book, showing signatures of both sets of girls. Click to see Page 1 and Page 2 and use your Browser's <BACK> button to return here.

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