Kandersteg 1958

In this photo taken by Gerald Gunton we have, from left: Clive Beckett (holding sweater), John Gaze, Clive Catchpole (check shirt, front), Dennis Herrell (centre at back), Christine Vincent (centre), Keith Hudson (possibly?), Alan Sidell (hand on leg), Geoffrey Holmes (right at the back) and John Case (far right).  Could it be Kevin Hayes front right?

This trip to Switzerland was led by 'Garth' Hobday and included a stay at the Hotel Alpenrose (still in existence) in the valley of the Kander river, to the south of the country.  Dennis Herrell writes: "The trip to Switzerland was the summer of 1958, and I have a few photos of the trip and people. (BTW I last visited there in 1989).  I attach a contact sheet which includes a copy of the itinerary.  We departed July 18 and returned July 27."

Trish ------ (Roper? Walsh?) on the ferry Christine Vincent with a 'go away' look! Arrival at the hotel
The Hotel Alpenrose Relaxing

The itinerary - click to enlarge

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