The Holy Goman Empire

1. Technical Drawing Office 1955 (from the Souvenir Prospectus).  Building 91; the WW2 Mortuary.
2. Dave Goman in charge of a technical drawing class.

"On Dave's left is Louis Gidney and the next visible face on his left is Emba Jones." - David Spinks
3. One of the drawing boards.
4. The engineering workshop (building 92) in the late 1950s.
5. A photo of a class in the mid-sixties, perhaps specially arranged for a press visit.

It is definitely my big brother, Colin, in the front. To his left is Tony Balding (CGS). Both left in 1966 so that dates the photo to 65/66 in my opinion. - Steve Grant.

I'm wondering if I am the nerd on the right. I seem to remember that dashing sword tie pin (can't find it actually!)!  I would concur with you Steve on the date of 65/66.  There's an element of doubt because I don't remember your brother Colin or Tony.  My daughter, Fliss, who is an avid photographer thinks that it probably is me owing to the good posture, which I have to this day (not to mention the nose!).  It's definitely later than 1964 when I joined and was regularly scalped in the hut behind Canterbury - yhe bribes never worked too well for me but the cut's were less harsh as one did time. - John Hinchliffe.

6. Another posed photo, probably also from the 1965/66 school year.

It wasn't just TD was it? The practical stuff Dave helped us with was so valuable to me in particular and aided my understanding of so many diverse things. I was particularly pleased to see the photo-elasticity test rig using Polaroid lenses (I still have one of them to this day!), also it was great to see the line up of pistons (one with con-rod attached) from different types and size of engines on the small table - also the bearings. There were just so many things we covered - proper learning in my opinion!  The guy at the back, RHS was Alan George I think and at a guess, the year could have been 64/65. Any ideas what that test rig was - I know we did have a petrol engine connected to a dynamometer but that looks be smaller than I remember it but the large rheostat behind Alan looks like it would be a fairly substantial load so perhaps it is.  The Frame on the bench (with the hydraulic kit on it) was I'm sure, part of a project to make an impact tester to measure hardness? I think it was fitted with a swinging arm fitted with a large head similar to a block hammer which could be released from a known height to smash into a specimen held in the vice mounted at the base of the rig. It could have been a shear test rig maybe? As the photos show, there was plenty of interest from the female populus too. - John Hinchliffe.

7. I remember the faces so well but unfortunately most of the names escape me except for Hilary xxxx - 4th Drawing board from the front. Hilary and I started the PEAC (Practical Electronics Analogue Computer) from a 1968 edition of the PE magazine. I remember ordering the parts from Radiospares, Henry's Radio and the like. I finally understood differentiation and integration learning about this computer as it related to the maths we were learning in the 6th form. I didn't complete the project fully as I moved on and concentrated on the cricket scoreboard. Does anyone remember who finished the PEAC? - John Hinchliffe
8. The same class - can anyone put names to faces?
9. Jill Waker is nearest to camera.  Possibly Valerie Head behind her.

The tests using the Wolf electric drill were great too. Just look at all those happy faces - Priceless! - John Hinchliffe

10. This is much more recent than the others as it features the newer house ties with the lions rather than the original striped ties. It was taken in a hut as you can see the distinctive panelled wall and window behind.  The chap on the left is John McGregor, MP for South Norfolk between 1974 and 2001 and now Lord Macgregor of Pulham Market, and I am sure I have seen a similar picture somewhere but cannot place it at the moment.  Other interesting notes from the photo are the girl in the centre is wearing a ring on her right hand. No jewellery was permitted while I was there that I can remember. Also the girl on the left has metallic buttons on the blazer, another no-no as far as I am aware. What looks like a hand knitted pullover for the girl in the centre is unusual but not unheard of. - Steve Grant

"Taken sometime between '79 & '81 I think, but can't be more specific." - Gary Johnson

11. One of Dave's 'ladsh' receives an award from an unknown VIP.  Warden 'Muz' Metcalfe is at the back on the right, dating the photo to 1970 or earlier.

"The recipient of the award is the youngest of the 3 Powell brothers, Donald Powell, of Norwich House.  The year is probably 1970. Donald went on to Leeds University to study Microbiology." - Mike Hedley
12. Recognise anyone?  Could that be Kerri Hack on the left?  If so, the date would be c1981.

"This is likely to have been taken at one of those Norwich Engineering dinners that he took us to" - Moira Greenlee.

"Kerensa Hack; unknown; unknown; someone who looks like Sir Les Patterson (but probably isn't); Debbie Andrews (left 1981), Diane Shepheard (College romance, still married to Richard Powell); Teresa Sewell (left 1981)" - Gary Johnson

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