Kett Hall - Summer Term 1972


(what a scrum at the back!)

Back Rows (inset):  (1) David Holmes, (2) Roy Thurston, (5) Susan Womack, (6) Jonathan Barber, (7) Richard Gilead, (8) Ian 'Piggy' Smith, (9) Pietro ('Pedro') Stasi*, (10) Mike McDonnell, (11) Mark Ferguson, (12) Stephen Dobbin (Pretentious? Moi? - own quote!), (13) Robin Richardson, (14) Robin Postle, (15) Nick ('Speedy') Elflett, (16) Geoffrey Lewis, (17) Nigel Ash, (18) Stuart Campbell, (19) Richard Pauley, (20) Tim Sharpin, (21) Jerry Goodyear(22) Erica Handol (Handoll?), (25) Joanne Nichols, (26) Cheryl Deitch, (27) Ruth Pearson, (28) Jane Pearson, (29) Anne Warner, (30) Sarah Riches, (31) Mary Weston, (32) William Trevethick, (33) Simon Trevethick, (34) Trevor Jacklin, (35) Jerry Linden-Ball, (36) Zappa Beck, (37) Richard Shearman, (38) Anne Kidner, (39) Martin Longhurst, (40) Dilys Deitch, (41) Janet Cummings, (42) Janet Meldrum (?), (43) Diana Ebbs, (44) Sarah Wilson, (45) NK , (46) Anne Ashworth, (47) Harriet Rathbone, (48) Mike Churcher, (49) Mandy Jacobs, (50) Loretta Caputo?, (51) Gillian Middleton, (52) Caroline Quinton, (53) Debbie Warnes, (54) Linda Plum, (55) Linda Baxter, (56) John Booty, (57) Rosie Coe, (58) Dick Bailey, (59) Simon Kimble, (60) Andy Bryan.

Row behind staff: Alison Meldrum, Paul Webb, Lesley Harbottle, Caroline Otty, Gillian Brown, Juliet Harvey, Debbie Howard, David Booty, Andrea Young, Dean Bostock, Jennifer Watkins, Steve 'Albert' Betts, Christine Dellino, Paul Schofield, John Weston, Grant Needham, Stephen Hyde, Paul (or Pete?), Vanessa Grant, Mary Shepheard.

Staff Row: Deputy House Captain Andrew Holmes, House Captain Kate Oxley, Mr Sayer, ? possibly a Maths or a PE teacher, Turkish teacher on secondment+, Miss Staines (PE), Mrs Hill (boys' matron),  Mr Norton, Mrs Norton, Miss Curson (girls' matron), ? Mr Wrigley (Science?), Mr Beaumohl (Geography), Mr Rice-Oxley (English)#, House Captain Alex Mullins, deputy House Captain Frances Rathbone (sister of Harriet Rathbone, no 47).

2nd Row: Hilary Clay, Jane Ashworth, Sarah Bailey, Maureen Margetts, Simon Tilbrook, Andrew Campbell, Chris 'Mouse' Moore, Alasdair Symonds, Andrew Moll, Kevin Mann, ? Browne (or Ian Dearie?), Teresa Watson, Dianne Woodward, Tina Wigley.

Front Row: Hazel Feek (?), Wendy Simmons (?), Dave Brant, Jonny Wright, NK, Andy Symonds, Russell Lloyd, Mal Boothby, Robin Deitch, Andy Brown, Tim Purt, Caroline Young, Louise Gray, Linda Otty, Sarah Cummings and Evelynne Hill

    Nice one Kevin:   

* A note about Pietro (Pedro). He turned up in the first year already about 5' 10", thick-set and hairy and was the only first-year given permission to wear long trousers!   He was the Under-11 Rugby XV's secret weapon - lock forward, of course - you got the ball to Pedro, and watched as he strolled towards the touchline with opposition forwards hanging off him like terriers hanging on to a grizzly bear.  By the time he got to 5th year we were as tall as he was.  - Stephen Dobbin

+ I don't think I ever knew his name, but he was nicknamed "Turker berk" by Bill Trevethick! - Christine Plume (nee Dellino)

# Also sang in the G&S operettas with Mr Brand, if I remember correctly. Is he any relation to Tim Rice-Oxley of Keane?  It's an unusual name. - Christine Plume (nee Dellino)

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