Lincoln Hall Seniors - 1975/6

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Back row: Lorraine Bale, Chris Butler, Siobhan Munroe, Ian Riches, Phillipa Unwin, John Pearson, Liam Dark, Richard Symes, Tim Lloyd , Dave Dolphin, Simon Griffiths, Stephen Wilson, Tommy Howe

5th row: Erica Pigden, Ivan Kaye, Kevin Bradley, Ian Smith?, Alistair 'Wally' Wardrop, Suzanna Bignold, NK, NK, Andrew Youngs, Russell Miller, Steven Roebuck, John Sadler, Khalid Sharif, 'Roger' Moore, Anne Amos, Gary Smith, NK

4th row: Karen Shackleton?, Jannette W-------?, Alison Mackie, Sharon -------?, NK, Nicky Skivington, Mandy Gidney, Sue Pearson, Mary-Ann Richardson, Jo Mills, Rose Franks, Caroline Kingdon, Susan ---------?, Tracey? ------ ?, NK x 3

3rd Row: Karen Douglas, Sue Hargreaves, Ros Carmichael, Lita Pitt-Steele, Karen --------, NK, NK, Sandra Benstead, Anne Cleverly, Julie Sargent, Steven Coe, Wendy Love, NK, Wendy -------?,  NK, NK, Trina Segger, Susan -------?, Anne Wood, Helen Pike

2nd Row: NK, NK, Sally Jago, Teacher NK, Girls' Matron?, Mr Anderson, Miss Butts, NK, Debbie Abbey?, Mr Rutherford, Mrs Rutherford, Clive Hay-Smith, NK, PE Teacher, Dr Hill, Boys' Matron?, Bob Lambert, Janet? -------?, Les Hewitt, Mike Claydon, NK, Leslie Cleverly, Fiona Segger

Front Row: Mike Stevenson, Andy Abbey, NK, Brice?, Kevin Sketcher, 'Monkey' (sorry - no offence meant), Gary Hewitt, Stuart --------, NK, Nicholas Fletcher, Guy Weaver, Mark Boast, Alistair Packman, NK, Iain Smith, (Philip?) Kett, NK, NK,  Richard Clarke, Dave Miller-Pricket

"Just to the right of Wendy Love in the 3rd row is Susan Hargreaves (the sadly unrequited love of my life for most of my time at WC)" - Andy Youngs

Barry Hipwell writes: (1)  Sadly, Roz Carmichael is no longer with us, having been killed in a motorcycle accident on the Acle Straight in 1977.
(2)   Steve Coe and Wendy Love are married and have loads of kids!

Jo Mills reports that Andy Abbey and Sandra Benstead are also happily married.

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