Junior Choir 1974
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Back row: Cathy Simmonds (?), Julie Sandall, NK, NK, Catherine Brittain, NK, Beverly Dereham, Jane Randall, Sandra Newman?, Rowena Clack, NK, Judith Keeble, NK, NK, NK, Sally-Anne Wright, NK, NK, NK
3rd row: NK, NK, NK, Kevin Shippey, Clare Dellino, Cheryl Bond, Roz Rudd, NK, NK, Helen Grundy, NK, Melanie Kellett-Bowman, Ruth Howard, Jayne Cox, Kim Emmett, NK, Elaine Bolton, Helen Richards
2nd row: Lyn Dobson, Allyson Hawksworth, Tina Richardson, Jackie Reed, Simon Jago - see below (previously thought to be James Witton), Sally Andrews, NK, Mr Sanders, Lynne Powell, Jo Bowers, NK, Oscar ----, NK, NK, Paul Johnson?, Mark Sewell or Karl ---?, Neil Kirk (aka Godfrey)
Front row: Dawn Wright, NK, NK, Judith Best, NK, Jane Hill, NK, Debbie Abbey, Sue Brierly or Potter?, Bronja King, NK, Hazel Marchington, NK  (not too sure about this end of the row - being checked with Hazel (thanks Cheryl))

[Apologies to Lyn, Cheryl, Jane Keeble and Morag Muir if I've failed to amalgamate their 'inputs' correctly.  You know who to kick. - Ed.]

Lyn Dobson: "This was taken down the Park, by the tennis courts.  I think it would have been 1973/74, when I was in the second year. I do not remember why picture was taken as it is a mixed group of first and second years from different Houses. I think the tutor was a music teacher so it may have something to do with that?"

Cheryl Bond (who admits that she couldn't sing!): "It must have been taken during the Summer of 1974 as I was a 1st year."

Steve Grant: "Interesting to see the mix of ties, which is obvious as everyone is in shirtsleeves. A mix of the old school tie and the newer House ties and a mix of lengths. Very typical to see all those short stubby ties, either due to the lack of a narrow end or deliberately tied short so that the knot could be made bigger!"

Mike Wood: "I believe that the the fifth person in the second row is Simon Jago. He was in my form for 2-3 years until he left to live in Kent. I am currently living in the US but have often wondered if he is the same Simon Jago who now designs sets for TV and so on. He was always very good at art and wanted to be an architect. Apparently a good singer too at the time."

Sandra Newman:  I was in Lincoln from 1973 - 79 and I am sure that the unknown photo is the Junior Choir and I am in the middle at the back. The name was correct so the question mark can now be ditched! [it has been - Ed.].  We were all positioned according to height - I was always the tallest until everyone suddenly shot up in their mid-teens - I was always "one of the lads" in my classes, being tall, boys were terrified of me so I was thought more of as a "mate" than a girl!  However, the boys soon started to get taller as they got older so things got better for me!"

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