Kett Hall Dining Room 1987

"One more pic I thought you'd like to see - it shows the dining hall in Kett Hall, 1987. I don't know why I wanted to take this pic, maybe it is a sight I had a feeling would soon disappear. Looking at it, I remember being a first year, laying the tables, I remember being a second year, waiting on the table, I remember being a third year, clearing the table, (as well as being on dreaded 'staff table' duty occasionally), I remember being a fourth year, (actually, no, I can't remember what fourth years did!) and I remember being a fifth year, bossing everyone around, and dishing the food up!  Mmmm I can smell the green scrambled egg already ...."

Dawn Gracie (Butler)

'I was interested to see the photo of Kett dining room in 1987.  I see they are still using the four, four, three formation when laying the tables!  Four cups and saucers one end, four the other end with cruet, milk jug and jam in the middle.'

Katrina Meredith (Macdermid)

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