Essential Work (1988)
Copied from the 1988 College Magazine

A specialised Corrugated Iron Insertion Device in use.


Oh no! even more rust.
And at my sides I'm beginning to bust.
I wouldn't mind so much
But I'm going to break just at a touch.
This has gone beyond a joke.
And what I don't need is a long soak.
Oh no! It's starting to rain again.
My insides are dripping like a tap,
And here I've got a great big gap.
I'll try to pull myself together, but it will be quite hard,
As I will need a very big guard
To stop me falling to tiny bits.
The wind is howling through my doors.
As if it was dancing on the moors,
 And people are walking on my floor.
 People with their stamping shoes.
 Oh it's a lonely life as a Nissen Hut.
 I'm like a shell on a nut.


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