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On Friday 6th April 2001, Susanne Barrett (Milligan), Graham Smith, Alan Bridges and Philip Wade booked into the St. Ives Motel, St. Ives, Cambridgeshire for the weekend.  We stayed up late, but rose early for a stroll into a rather picturesque town which has a statue of Cromwell standing in the centre, nice shops, a rather swollen river overlooked by a pleasant tearoom, and an excellent bookmakers.
Philip Wade, Susanne Milligan & Graham Smith
Susanne Milligan & Philip Wade
Back to the motel for lunch and Alan McIvor Dean drops in on his way south.  Graham Girling lives only a few miles away and dropped in for “only an hour,” but stayed three!  Eileen (Forster) and Annette Booth (Spear) booked in just before the rugby started.  Photos and magazines were produced. Drinks bought at regular intervals.  Sandra Hornigold (Leeks) and Eileen Wyatt (Pearson) were next to book in, and then it was time for the Grand National.  Yes, we did back the winner and Susanne went back to that bookmakers for the winnings.  With England winning, hopes were high for the lottery!
Annette Spear, Eileen Forster, Eileen Pearson, Susanne Milligan, Sandra Leeks
Time to get washed and brushed for dinner at 7.30p.m. The next surprise was Roger Hayward booking in, just in time for dinner. The boys had clubbed together for a small present for each of the girls, resulting in more kisses all round. The food was good, the wine and beer as good, but the company was superb.
Seated: Sandra, Graham, Susanne, Roger Hayward, Annette, Eileen F. & Eileen P.  Standing: Alan Bridges & Philip. 
Alan, Sandra, Eileen F., Philip, Annette, Susanne, Graham & Eileen P.
Alan, Sandra, Eileen F., Philip, Annette, Roger, Susanne, Graham & Eileen P.
After 'lights out,' it was into room number 2 for coffee and more cabaret till 1.30p.m.  Were we jaded for breakfast next morning?  Not a chance!  Full English breakfasts for most.  Time to leave arrived all too soon, but not before another round of perusing photos, searching for names in the magazines, coffees and lots more humour.  The weekend was relaxing and great fun.  Everyone got on so well after such a long time of not being in touch.  Will we do it all again? You bet!

Philip Wade




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