Much Ado About Nothing - the Photographs

Contents The Gallery 1960s Productions (1) Much Ado

1. The Watch - Royston Futter, Peter Jermy, Nigel Knott, Paul D. Clarke, Brian Perry, Thomas Lawrence. 2. The Watch - Take 2.
3. Hilary Dewhirst (Ursula) and John Wood (Don Pedro). 4.  Paul Townsend (Claudio) and Jane Ford (Hero).
5.  Hilary Dewhirst (Ursula), Lesley Sayles (Beatrice), Jane Ford (Hero) and Jennifer Bayfield (Margaret). 6.  Paul Rivett? (Don John) and Kevin Kennedy (Borachio).
7. Thomas Lawrence (Verges) and Lesley Sayles (Beatrice). 8. Roger Cole (Sexton).
9.  Paul Townsend (Claudio). 10. Tony Dyson (Benedick).
11.  Kevin Kennedy (Borachio) and Patrick Spruce (Conrade) - followers of Don John. 12. Just inside the Tomlinson back door are (starting at the back) Paul D. Clarke, Roger Cole, Royston Futter, Brian Perry?, Peter Jermy, NK, Paul Rivett.
13. At left: Roger Cole, Paul D. Clarke, Hilary Dewhirst, Carol Sparrow (Royston Futter behind her), Gerry Moon, Jenny Bayfield, Ian Knowles, Sue Furbank, Stephen Poll. Tony Dyson & Lesley Sayles centre. 14. Paul Townsend and Jane Ford.  In the orchestra - Merv Boast, Michael Rice, Richard Vincent and Tony Seymour.
15. NK, Tony Dyson (Benedick) and Stephen Poll (Friar Francis). 16. Hilary Dewhirst and John Wood.
17. John Wood (Don Pedro), Paul Townsend (Claudio), Paul Rivett (Don John), NK, Stephen Poll (Friar Francis), Jane Ford (Hero), Carol Sparrow (attendant), Hilary Dewhirst (Ursula), Lesley Sayles (Beatrice). 18. John Wood (Don Pedro), Paul Townsend (Claudio), Jane Ford (Hero), NK, Stephen Poll (Friar Francis).
19. Tony Allison? (Antonio), NK, John Wood (Don Pedro) and Paul Townsend (Claudio). 20.  The orchestra, with Merv Boast on the right.
21.  The leading members of the cast. 22. The make-up department.
23.  The orchestra waiting for a cue.  Jim Douglas at the back, Mr Thornley back left, then possibly Peter Dubock, Merv Boast, Miss Mair, Michael Rice.  Young chap on the right NK. 24. Tony Allison?
25. Enid Watson adjusts Hilary Dewhirst's costume. Could be Joan Turner at left.  Mr Mick Thornley is in the doorway. 26.  Dress rehearsal in full swing.
27.  Dress rehearsal - could be Paul Wrench sitting on the right. 28. Taking direction (presumably from Roger Garrard).
29. The Wind section; Richard Vincent, NK (trumpet) and Tony Seymour (bassoon). 30. Paul Townsend, John Wood and Tony Dyson.
31. Ian Knowles (Messenger). 32. Thomas Lawrence (Verges).
33. A clinch under close scrutiny. 34. Thomas Lawrence, Peter Jermy, Patrick Spruce, Nigel Knott, Roger Cole, Brian Perry, Royston Futter, Kevin Kennedy and Paul D. Clarke.
35. Thomas Lawrence, Peter Jermy, Patrick Spruce, Nigel Knott, Roger Cole, Brian Perry. 36. Paul Townsend (Claudio), Peter Jermy , Patrick Spruce (Conrade), Brian Perry .
37. Gerry Moon (Balthazar), Tony Dyson (Benedick) and Jim Douglas (Minstrel). 38. John Wood (Don Pedro).
39. Royston Futter (Third Watch), Thomas Lawrence (Verges), Brian Perry (Dogberry), Paul D. Clarke (Second Watch), Peter Jermy (Fourth Watch) and Nigel Knott (First Watch). 40. Ditto.
41. Lesley Sayles (Beatrice) and Tony Dyson (Benedick). 42. Ditto.
43. Make-up in progress. Names? 44. Ian Knowles and Joy Reynolds.
45. Tony Dyson (Benedick) and Lesley Sayles (Beatrice). 46. Stephen Poll (Friar Francis), Sue Furbank (Attendant), Jane Ford (Hero), Lesley Sayles (Beatrice).
47. Jane Ford (Hero) and Stephen Poll (Friar Francis). 48. Paul Townsend (Claudio) and Jane Ford (Hero)
49. Stephen Poll (Friar Francis), Carol Sparrow (Attendant), Hilary Dewhirst (Ursula), Jennifer Bayfield (Margaret) and Jane Ford (Hero). 50. Lesley Sayles and Tony Allison?
51. Carol Sparrow (Attendant), Hilary Dewhirst (Ursula), Jennifer Bayfield (Margaret), Jane Ford (Hero) and Lesley Sayles (Beatrice). 52. Tony Dyson, Paul Townsend, NK, NK.
53. Nigel Knott, Brian Perry, John Wood and Kevin Kennedy. 54. Lesley Sayles, Tony Dyson, Sue Furbank, Paul Townsend and Jane Ford.
55. Paul Townsend, Tony Dyson and John Wood. 56. Tony Dyson, NK and Stephen Poll.
57. Paul Townsend, John Wood and Jane Ford. 58. Tony Dyson and John Wood.
59. Hilary Dewhirst and Jane Ford. 60. NK and Jane Ford.
61. Lesley Sayles (Paul D. Clarke behind). Orchestra member? 62. Peter Jermy (Fourth Watch).
63. NK, Lesley Sayles, Tony Allison?, Jane Ford. 64. Paul Townsend and NK.
65. Royston Futter, Peter Jermy, Paul D. Clarke, Brian Perry, Thomas Lawrence. 66. Tony Dyson, NK, John Wood.
67.  Hope you didn't wear that wristwatch on the night Tony! 68. The Masque.
69. Thomas Lawrence. 70. Ditto. Paul Wrench is conducting the orchestra in the background.
71. NK, Paul Townsend and Tony Dyson. 72. Paul Townsend, Stephen Poll and Jane Ford.