Founder Members of the College Rowing Club

Standing (L to R): John Metcalfe, Graham Hawken, Timothy Howe, Raymond Goodswen, Paul Turner, Trevor 'Freddie' Mills, Nick Finter, Keith Skipper, Colin Grant, Mr McConkey.
Front: Richard Simmons, Patrick 'Paddy' Spruce.

Says Paul Turner: "I rowed Stroke, never Bow side. Tried a spell in the Power House, but ended up as Stroke after getting my action corrected in the "Tank" (and that hurt) - McConkey insisted on "Forward like a Lamb, Back like a Lion," a phrase that came back to me the other week as I watched a girls' eight practicing on the Yarra here in Melbourne - I almost bellowed it out to them, but left them to it as they were almost clearing their puddles. I noticed that their Blades were a radical shape too, nothing like the spoons we rowed with - Ah well, that's progress.....I seem to remember that Timothy Howe and I got on rather well, but then those faces all bring back good memories, even McConkey !  I remember in the middle of winter we were allowed one Rum and Coke after rowing - and how it warmed us up.

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