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Girls of Miss Shepheard's Class of 1954 at Thursford in 2001

Jackie Savage, Jenny Sayer and Joyce Daniels.

Girls of Miss Shepheard's Class of 1954 at Pensthorpe in Spring 2000

Mary Howlett, Joy Emmerson

Joyce Daniels, Jackie Savage

North/York Mates (and members of 'Beat Routes')


Duncan Jones and Al Dean at Duke's Head, King's Lynn, in November 2001.  Duncan writes: "Al & I struck up conversation as if it had been 35 days since we'd last seen each other, not 35 years!  Of course, having music in common helps......"



These two photos were taken 50 years apart and show Peter "Rumble" Read  and Brian "Levo" Leverett.  The older photo dates from the Technical School 'Pilot' course (1951) and the other was taken, some 50 years later, at Sprowston Hall.


Blofield Boys

"Two of North House and 1A intake from 1958 met up in Glasgow on 31st October. Wally (Gowing) and I ... were born in Blofield about 4 weeks apart and attended the local primary school. Wally's mother recalls our first meeting when we were in prams. Our concern was that two old codgers would fail to recognise each other after 30 years, so we arranged a rendezvous point, took mobile phones, and imagined a Pythonesque sketch with us standing back to back phoning each other! In truth we had trouble ... but the phones were not required. I feel sure it won't be 30 years before we meet up again."  Peter Willimott

1958 North House (Dorm 26) starters
Like Wally & Peter (above), Herb Atkins and Trevor Dodd were also in 1A, North House and Dorm 26.  They re-met on 30 December 2002, after an interval of almost exactly 38 years (the previous occasion was a New Year's Eve party on 31st January 1964) and spent a very pleasant evening digging up shared memories as well as sneaking outside for the occasional fag (some things never change).  Trev has now returned to his home in Los Angeles.

North Reunion Down Under
Paul Rivett (left) and Tony Seymour (right) met recently at Paul's home on the Mornington Peninsula (near Melbourne).  Tony had made contact through Friends Reunited and took the opportunity to meet up when visiting his daughter in the same area.

The Brothers Trett

Nancy Stolworthy (Trett) provided this photo of her two brothers, taken when they met up in 2002.  Roger (left) was in East House from 1959 to 1964 and is now Chairman of an International Dispute Resolution company, based in London.  Philip (right) was in East from 1961 to 1966 and is now a nuclear medicine technologist in a private hospital in Lafayette, USA.

Tim Copland and Friends

Steve James, Tim Copland and Alex Unwin.  The photo was taken in Central London on 13th July 2004 while Alex was over from his home in Sydney.

A hard-core element of the Sixties Bunch

26th September 2004 at what was earlier a quiet hostelry.

1. Eileen Pearson, Philip Wade, Graham Smith and Susanne Milligan.

2. Alan 'Elvis' Bridges.

Donni and Moira in Canada

Donelda Bridson and Moira Scott (Greenlee) met for lunch in Victoria, British Columbia, on 7th January 2006.  Moira is a resident of Calgary.

  Moira and Jackie in Auckland NZ

"Jackie McLaren (nee Green) and I met and hung out together in Auckland NZ in August 2007.  I hadn't met her since leaving school in 1973.  I have re-found some of the girls who were in Winchester with her, but we are still trying to track down Teresa Wilson-Pepper.  Does anyone have any ideas?  We know she's on the Friends Reunited site, but she didn't respond to messages." - Moira Scott (nee Greenlee)
Working Class Movement Library

"A picture of Royston ('Reggie') Futter and myself (John Metcalfe) at the Working Class Movement Library in Salford.  Royston and I are both now retired and met for the first time in many years about a year ago.  Royston is secretary to the trustees of the library and I am a volunteer there.  I was, when at school, the original spotty Bolshevik - a member of the Labour Party but of the kind that probably caused more concern to Harold Wilson than to Edward Heath!  I recall that, after one of my more than usually anti-establishment statements, 'Charlie' Parker, who was not I think of that persuasion, informed me that I would 'grow out of it.'  Sorry Charlie, it hasn't happened yet!" - John Metcalfe
Gloucester First Form of 1965

"In January this year I was back in Norfolk briefly so we organised a small reunion at the Angel at Larling of all the Gloucester House First years from 1965 (or 1970/71 Upper 6th).  From left to right: Eric Gilson, Andrew Warnes (Andrew actually joined us in the 3rd form), Mike Williamson, Mike Hedley, Mike Greenwood and in front David Mason (the organiser).  We can recommend the Angel for a good meal. See if you can spot us in the House's Gloucester 1965 photo.  Unfortunately Andrew Seeley (House Master of the day) was not in Norfolk at the time so could not make the reunion."  - Mike Hedley

Gloucester lads and spouses get-together again - after 32 years

Picture 1 was taken 1974/75 just before I emigrated initially to Papua New Guinea, then on to Australia (East Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory) 5 years later.  The group are all ex-Gloucester: L-R Clive (Burt) Lancaster 61-68, Hugh (Gil) Poths 63/68, Don Fulcher 63/68, John (Jad) Adams 63/68 and Mike (Granny) Kirk 63/68. Our respective partners in front row; Judy, Shirley, Pam, Alison, & Mary.

We have kept in touch all these years and last year when I returned to the UK for a short visit we all caught up for a reunion at Knight's Hill in King's Lynn.  Picture 2 has the same fellows 32 years later; still all married to the same girls!  A record these days.

Clive Lancaster


Wymondham College Remembered