The College Orchestra 1962
 Copied from the 1962 College Magazine

Jim Douglas and Mervyn Boast are 4th/5th violinists from the left.  Peter Dubock is nearest to the camera on the right.  Pamela Thirsk far right.  Towards the back are June Hipwell (clarinet), Richard Vincent (clarinet) and Michael Rice (flute). Tony Seymour is on the bassoon, directly in front of the bass.  Mr Baker conducting.

Chris Thatcher writes: "Some of the names are there, despite people being unidentifiable. Paul Wrench and I are sitting at the back - he introduced me to the French horn and played alongside. Trevor Corless played the trumpet, and it looks as if Trevor Wilson was on the timps. Vic Laird is just behind Mr Baker's arm on the violin. Some from the first picture are still there in the second, posed photo (1966), so we all hung in there.  It was quite an experience for me starting to play in the orchestra after just a few weeks getting to know the instrument. In all, orchestra was fun and it was a pity it wasn't so popular as the choir, but the reasons are fairly obvious if it's about socialising. "

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