100 Club Draw

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April 2022 100 Club Draw at The Ostrich in North Creake

L-R: Mike Glister, Sandra Howard, Nick Lakey, Chris Glister, Phil Robinson, Lynne Pettit, Guy Pettit, Steve Read 


January 2022 100 Club Draw at The Gamekeepers, Old Buckenham 



September 2021 100 Club Draw at The Crown at Reepham

From Left: Phil Robinson, Sue Spinks, David Spinks, Philip Wade, Steve Read



 July 2021 100 Club Draw at The Lord Nelson in Burnham Thorpe


Steve & I were joined by Jennie Foster [Clarke]; Sandra Howard; John Mewse & partner Anne; David & Geraldine Howard; Guy & Lynne Pettit [Semmens]. 

A lovely evening sat in the beer garden watching bats & shooting stars [as well as riveting conversation covering a multitude of subjects]!! Jennie kindly carried out the draw.  

Clockwise: Sandra, Jennie, Anne, Guy, Lynne, John, Phil, Geraldine



July 2020 100 Club draw at The Gate in Fair Green


June 2020 100 Club STAR Draw at the Lynford Stag picnic area, Thetford forest


August 2019 100 Club draw at The Boundary in Norwich



Left to right round the table: : John Mewse, Norman Faircloth, Steve Read, Mel Read, Sandra Howard, Jo Voelker [Bassingthwaite], Brian Harper


July 2019 100 Club draw in Warham


January 2019 100 Club draw at Darby’s in Swanton Morley


From the left: Steve Read, Phil Robinson, Ian Ray, Leon Andrew, Duncan Ferguson




December 2018 100 Club STAR draw at The Cellar House in Eaton, Cringleford



July 2017 100 Club Draw at The Red Lion, Stiffkey

Norbert Voelker, Jo Voelker (Bassingthwaighte), Steve Read, Lynne Pettit (Semmens), Guy Pettit, Sandra Howard, Jon Tolley, Richard Wilson, Brian Ellis Same again but Norbert took this one and Phil Robinson is front right



July 2016 100 Club Star Draw at The Gin Trap, Ringstead


From front left, going clockwise:- David Tudor; Jennie Foster [Clarke]; Phil Robinson; Alan Bridges; Steve Read and Sandra Howard.


December 2015 100 Club Star Draw with the Sixties Bunch at The Ribs of Beef in Norwich

Kathy Mesut, Steve Human, Marion Reed, Annette Booth and Jenny Childerhouse Marion Reed, Jo Bassingthwaite, Philip Wade, Steve, Chris Ashton, Eileen Wyatt, Steve Chapman and Phil David Digby, Phil Robinson, Alan Bridges


60’s bunch “Celebrating 60”
Philip Wade
Alan Bridges
Dave Digby
Eileen Wyatt [Pearson]
Marion Reed [Rix]
Steve Human
Annette Booth
Kathy Mesut
Jenny Childerhouse
Sandra Hornigold
Chris Ashton
Jo Voelker [Bassingthwaighte]
Steve Chapman
Jerry Linden Ball
Anne Bradley [Ashworth]
Steve Read
Phil Robinson



September 2015 100 Club draw at The King's Arms in Shouldham

From left:-

Stephen “Noddy” Woodbridge, Jon Tolley [obscured], Neil Bishop, Steve Read, Phil Robinson, Liz Bishop [Sasada] [obscured], Joan Thomson [Woodbridge]




Pictures taken during the 100 Club draw on 21st August 2013 at The White Horse in Overstrand.




Phil Robinson; Jennie Foster [Clarke] (obscured); Teresa Downes [Lansdale]; Maggy Skipp [Smith]; David Spinks [sitting on wall]; Joyce Pycroft [Daniels]; Sue Spinks [sitting on wall];

Eileen Baron [Miss Fox] (obscured); Anne Chambers [Bean]



Around the table from the left:- Phil Robinson; Jennie Foster[Clarke]; Teresa Downes [Lansdale]; Maggy Skipp [Smith]; Joyce Pycroft [Daniels]; Eileen Baron [Miss Fox]; Anne Chambers [Bean]


Eileen Baron [Fox] carrying out the ball selection.



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