Sports Day 1957 - Track Events

They're off!  Dave Goman is in his customary role as 'Mr. Starter.' "This is the start of the 440yds.  From the right: Merv Taylor, NK, Brin Turner, Willy Wiskin?, NK, NK, Dennis Hanwell (he won the race)." - Bob Blasby

"This is about 50 yds from the finish of the 220 yds (on the straight track). Right to left in the left-hand group: Willy Wiskin, NK, Brian Newman (he won) and yours truly (who came second). - Bob Blasby

Sprint finish featuring (from the left): Dennis Hanwell, David Everett, Bob Rowell, Bob Blasby and Reggie Ramm.  "This is the finish of the 100yds. I seem to recall that Dennis won, Reggie came third and I was 4th. I believe the other Bryan Newman [out of shot - Ed.] came second" - Bob Blasby

The Mile - David Everett is about to finish in second place, with Dennis Hanwell third.

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