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On Weds 21 Mar 2012, possibly the most 'extreme' reunion of old pupils took place. Chris Collins, 1990-97 (Fry and Lincoln) and Anthony Pyewell, 1992-97 (Fry), both found themselves serving at the same time on Operation HERRICK 15, Afghanistan.

Chris, a Flight Lieutenant with the Royal Air Force Police, and Anthony, a newly gazetted Major with the Royal Army Medical Corps, as well as being housemates in Fry, were both old comrades from the CCF. Of course, even considering the exigencies of the campaign, using skills first demonstrated in the cadets, they still managed to find the time to slip away from work for an hour, pull up a sandbag, have a brew, and swap tall tales of yesteryear when both had more hair, of the right colour, and a shared interest in pyromania.

The attached picture, captured by a passing Estonian soldier, was taken outside Headquarters Task Force Helmand, Lashkar Gah.

Both approaching the end of their tours, they are hoping to carry on the conversation over a more gratifying beverage (or three), when back in Blighty. Anthony left, Chris right.




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