Proof of Archimedes' Principle
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Date is mid 70's for sure, but exactly when I cannot say but given the lack of uniforms in the first picture they could in each relevant final year.

Main picture is the class of '76.  Recognize some faces but will have to study a bit more. However, the chap in the checked sweater is Ashley Hines.   Second picture is the class of '75. Names:   Roman Hines (laughing) and L to R from there Dave Worsley, Alan Cavell, (not sure), Alan Goldsworthy, Tony Southwood and Simon (Zac) Barratt. Don't know the last 3 on the right yet or the girl in the tub. The girl on the left at the front I think is Jane Thrussell. But the main incriminating evidence is top left, over the top of everyone. Looks like yours truly!!! Messrs. Hines, Cavell, Southwood and Barratt and Jane Thrussell were all in New Hall and also in the same year as me. So it must be me! The problem is that I have absolutely no recollection of this event. Yet you can dispute the evidence! We were never all in the same class so this cannot have been a 'lesson' as such. Most strange.

Steve Grant

I've been puzzling over the location.  Initially I thought it was between the Chem and Physics labs (40 and 41), with the short section of corridor between them, but the hut end on the left doesn't tie up (40 and 41 were double length).  Then there's the chimney stack over to the right and the tree at the back.  Bit of a mystery.   The tally on the stepladder says "These steps are not to be taken out of the physics dept."   I remember those lab stools - must be in the general vicinity.   As people are in 'civvies' perhaps it was a Science Soc. event?

Bill Atkins

Location is easy. It is between the science block huts (40/41) north-east half. The furniture is a definite giveaway. There were some trees at the other end of that block to the south-west, see the main panorama picture. From this camera viewpoint in the mid 70's the Physics labs were on the left, Biology labs on the right and Chemistry labs in front other side of the bricked up corridor. The 'chimneys' are the vents from the fume cupboards installed in the Chemi labs. Also this would have to have been a lunchtime activity as Dave Worsley was a day pupil and would not have been around for after school activities.

Steve Grant

My era certainly.  Top picture shows Robert Lambert (far left in dark glasses) and some others who I will name and return to you (Stephen Pettit, Stu Penny, Mr Hyde (Jeckyl) etc.). The year must be 75/76 as they are in the 6th Form (no uniform) as are the few people in my year. I have forwarded to Julie Harding to see if Nick can assist.  Can’t help with the lower shot apart from Mr Sayer. They look much younger. 

Colin Leaford

I do recognise Stephen Pettit and Dave Worsley (I played rugby against him after Wycol at North Walsham. I tackled him hard & when he got up he remembered me from Wycol and said that I had been well taught by Colin Little!).   Funny that most of the “observers” around the tub with the young girl in it are male!!!

Phil Robinson 

I recognize Paul Webb on the left and Andy Bryan in the middle at the back with Jecks looking over his shoulder. I think that this is the Physics Upper Sixth in 1975-6 as all of the people in smart civvies were in the year above me. That was Chris Sayer as the teacher.

I can't recall anyone from the uniformed picture. This picture was taken between the Nissen Huts and I think that the Physics Department would have been on the left and the Biology on the right.  The faces I recognize .... the names I forget ..... LOL

I can just imagine trying to do that experiment nowadays ... think of the risk assessments/H&S forms/written permissions/notice to the Equality commission (all boys watching a girl)/letter to the parents of the girl  ..........

Dear Mrs....

I wish to borrow your daughter and have her parade in a swimsuit, outside and in the relative cold, then submerged in an old metal tank to show the principle of Archimedes.

I can assure you that my all male Upper Sixth Physics set will be under the strictest of orders not to leer nor make lewd comments in this clear demonstration of a key scientific principle .....

In the interests of privacy, I will ensure that any calculation about the mass of your daughter that is reckoned from the experiment will not be revealed to my class as I fully understand how sensitive girls are about their weight .....

Hope that this helps.

Cliff Martin

I am the dude in the shades on the extreme left, the guy in front of me, nearest to the camera on the left, is Barry Smith who was a day student from Mulbarton. We were good mates for quite a while after school but we lost touch when he went to Sweden to teach and got married.

As we are not in uniform this would have been the sixth form, so is between 1974 and 1976.  I do actually remember this experiment and I'm trying to recall the brave girl in the tank.  I think she was in Lincoln with me and she was a very good swimmer but I can't anyhow dredge up her name!  I've got some old magazines somewhere but I've just had a quick look and can't locate them at the moment. I feel that I ought to know several of the faces but, again memory fails!

Can't help at all with the other one, presume it's the same day with some fourth or fifth formers, the teacher is, of course, Chris Sayer.

Rob Lambert

I certainly recognise most of the faces in the non-uniformed picture, although I cannot remember all of their names.  I was quite surprised since, like Steve, I do not remember the occasion, but I myself am in the photograph!  It is definitely the "Class of '76" and it is almost certainly a Physics experiment (evidenced by Mr. Sayer in the uniformed photograph).  I am reasonable sure that the girl in the bath is a day pupil called Janet Davies.  It is no great mystery that this photo shows a bunch of chaps looking at a girl in this experiment.  There were so few girls doing physics A levels in those days and Janet was one of the few.  How she was persuaded to get in the bath is another question entirely.

The non-uniformed photograph features a mixed group of day pupils and borders and was almost certainly taken while we were all in the sixth form, which makes it vintage 1975 or 1976.  The face with blond hair and glasses, peering out just to the left of the steps, is Peter Martin.  Two places to his right, with glasses and looking as if he also is in uniform is Andrew Hauschild. To his right (ignoring the face peering through between them), in profile, also in uniform blazer and looking directly into the bathtub is Simon Peel.  The next four round in the front row, left to right, are Andy Bryan, Steven Hyde, Stephen Pettit and Stuart Penny respectively.  Peering over the top of Hyde and Pettit is Robert Bowles, well known for his larger than normal nose and who always seemed to be suffering from colds and was permanently on large doses of garlic to stave them off. The tall bloke with the curly blond hair peering over Stuart Penny's left shoulder is Ian Knight, who certainly in his junior years was an excellent swimmer.  The chap with his hand in front of his face definitely has the hair style and height of Norman Lamb, who is now an MP.  Directly in front of Norman, in the jumper with horizontal stripes, is yours truly - Graham Wilson.  Then comes Ashley Hines in the diamond patterned jumper and then in the white jumper my own long time partner in crime; Stewart Wigg.  Stewart is currently running his own software company in Canada.  The last chap on the right, looking directly into the camera, is Paul Butcher.  On the right, between Stewart and Paul, you can just see a portion of the hair and glasses of someone who is almost certainly Mr. Sayer, Physics teacher.

Graham Wilson (1969-76)

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