July 2015

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The event saw about 50 Old Wymondhamians have a fun afternoon and evening catching up with their peers – some who hadn’t met since leaving 42 years ago!

The following photos have been sent in by Moira Greenlee and hopefully more photos will be added shortly.

Three more on the third row from Marcus Ellis and three older photos from Julia Bennett (Mertens) - if names or years are wrong let us know!


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Wells '66 intake girls having lunch together: Peppy Metson (Dadd), Shirley Frosdick (Gray), Annie Jones (Pickess), Moira Greenlee, Julia Bennett (Mertens) Jo Bassingthwaighte (Volker) Lynne Semmens (Pettit), Chris Parnham, Simon Turtle Simon Marfleet, Steve Read, Sandra Howard
Jacky Green (McLaren) Steve Read, Phil Robinson, Simon Marfleet Jon Tolley, Michael Linsdell
Moira Greenlee in foreground - Michael Linsdell on left - Liz Sasada/Bishop and Phil Robinson on right Liz Sasada/Bishop & Phil Robinson chatting with Clare Cooke/Marshall bending down

Caught in the act of box theft!!
From left - Steve Read; Moira Greenlee; Liz Sasada/Bishop; Phil Robinson; Clare Cooke/Marshall; Annette Ellis [Marcus's wife]
In background - Jonathan Green & the back of Neil Bishops head!

Back from left:- Melita Sewell, Shirley Frosdick, Julia Bennett, Karen Molony, Janet Pearson, Heather Waddell

Front from left:- Moira McLellan, Peppy Metson, Lynne Semmens, Anne Jones. Caroline Campling

69/70 or 70/71 i.e. our 4th or 5th year?

Shirley Frosdick in front of Hut 14, 16 or 18! View from Wells house towards Peel [Norwich/Durham] with Admin building



Those who attended:

Girls Boys
Jacky Green [McLaren]
Ann Sivi
Jenni Robertson
Nell Skene [Padgett]
Sally Williams [Gallagher]
Mary Bickford Smith
Jo Bassingthwaighte [Voelker]
Moira Greenlee
Peppy Metson [Dadd]
Anne Warner [Richardson]
Liz Sasada [Bishop]
Sandra Howard
Gill Norman [Thompson]
Georgina Norman [Beaumont]
Jane Pearson [Roberts]
Lynne Semmens [Pettit]
Stella Sparks [Howchin]
Annie Jones [Pickess]
Julia Bennett [Mertens]
Clare Cooke [Marshall]
Beverly Millard [Sennett]
Jane Davies [Pratchett]
Simon Marfleet
Jon Green
Chris Parnham
Kevin Emmerson
Neil Bishop
Robin Postle
Jon Tolley
Steve Read
Phil Robinson
Guy Pettit
Simon Turtle
Robin Richardson
Colin Farrington
Stephen Chapman
Marcus Ellis
Michael Linsdell
Robbie Sendall
Adrian Hawes
Philip Wade
Brian Ellis
Stephen Farthing








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