Göttingen Exchange 1963

Elizabeth Whitlam (nee Welton) sent the first 5 of these photos of a German trip that she believes was in 1963.  There were two trips that year, to Göttingen and Meisenheim and the guess is that the former is most likely, but do please get in touch if you can confirm either way. 

The subsequent trip in 1964 is recorded in the 1965 Magazine as having been spoilt by "the irresponsible behaviour of a few malcontents."  If you were there, do please tell!

Jackie Pratt and ....... ?
Elizabeth Welton, Jackie Pratt, Elizabeth Savory and NK
The teachers, including Hilda Hawkyard (in headscarf); can you identify the others?
Elizabeth Savory, Jackie Pratt and Elizabeth Welton
NK, Elizabeth Savory, NK, NK, with Elizabeth Welton at the front.
Jackie Dyer (nee Pratt) sent in this group photograph which was taken on the banks of the river Weser after a boat trip, during the same exchange visit to Göttingen.  Jackie was pleased to actually meet some of the people in the photograph at the Reunion in June 2009.  If you recognise anyone, please let us know - there is a mixture of English and German pupils and staff.

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