Fancy Dress - 1965 (Wells)
Photo taken by the Wells side of Fry Hall - huts are numbers 13 and 11

Back row: Lizzie Rath (Cleaner), Francis Broadus (Black & White Minstrel), Anthea Woods, Ann Vockins (Gypsy), Liz Welton (in Scottish dress), Chris Gavan (in Indian dress), Ann Durrant (Gypsy), Caroline (Chris) Stubbings (in Japanese dress)
Next row: Jackie Pratt, kneeling, dressed as a Roman in a school sheet, Catherine Sadler (Pirate), Diane (Dizzy) Walker (as a very non p.c. golliwog), Linda Worsfold (1920s flapper), Peta Metson (Wood cutter), Judith Alpe(?) & Stephanie (Stevie) Darbisher (Skier)
Laying in front: Val Pyne (Cleopatra)

Missing from the photograph were: Rosalind (Ros) Robinson (Witch), Maggie Flint (Chinese boy), Trish Morris (Artist), Judy Chambers (?)

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