SS Uganda - September 1979
Notes by Pamela Brooks (Sewell)

Back row: Mark Gallagher ......
Row 4: 1 Dorinda Claxton; 6 (I think) Melissa Blakely
Row 3 (standing): Mr Brand, Miss Battye; seated, Melinda (can’t remember surname but she lived at Hingham - she was on the same bus); don’t know next two; Michelle Beavis (she went on to become an actress, I think; definitely did something at the Maddermarket); don’t know next two; Stephen Oliver; don’t know to end of line – then, standing, can’t remember the first one but I’m sure she was a languages teacher, Mr & Mrs Wolsey Row 2: don’t know first two; Euan (I think his surname was Patteson – anyway, he was in Cavell); Melinda Adamson (known as 'Midge'; don’t know next two; Kerensa Hack; don't know next one; think the next one was Julia someone; don’t know rest of line.
Row 1: Dominic Doe; Neil (Euan’s brother, think they might have been twins?); don’t know next five; Anneka Rutherford; Pamela Sewell (me!); can’t remember next one.

We started out from Southampton, went to Seville, Cadiz, Cagliari, Nora, Heraklion, Knossos and Ephesus, then flew home - I'm pretty sure from Athens.  The dorms were all in the lower part of the ship and quite stuffy, and we used to be woken with this awful music over a tannoy.  And there were dorm inspections to make sure everyone kept things tidy.  One thing I do remember is that it was blowing a force nine gale when we went through the Bay of Biscay and we were all really seasick. This arrogant purser told us that we were all stupid children and it was all in the mind... and someone was sick on him. Poetic justice. Oh, and everyone ate way too much Turkish delight in Ephesus.

Pamela Brooks (Sewell)

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