SS Uganda - December 1981
Notes by Pamela Brooks (Sewell)

Back row: (I think) Kirsty someone, possibly Saranna Burgess, Sarah (? I think her surname was Lincoln), Elizabeth Storey, NK, (I think) Stephen Grady, Mark Gallagher, DK next three, (I think) Mark Saunders, DK, Charlotte Watts, don’t know rest of line.
Row 3: Don’t know first one, think the next one was Catriona someone, don’t know next, Marion Yorke, DK, Michelle someone (lived out Ashwellthorpe way), Pamela Sewell (me), DK, (I think) David Howarth, DK rest of line.
Row 2: Karen Savage (PE teacher), Mike Brand (Science), DK, (I think) John Jackson, DK next three, Helen Yorke, DK next 3, (I think) Robert Dinsdale), DK next 3, Mr and Mrs Wolsey.
Front row: DK first seven, Ginny someone (I’m pretty sure she was in Fry), DK next two, Tamsin Doe, DK next two, Richard Lawson (Nigella wasn't famous then but was either his aunt or his cousin); David Dickerson.

This trip was in December 1981, when I was in the fifth form. We flew out to Split (which was still Yugoslavia in those days - I remember the water in the hotel was brown), then our first port was Santorini (you could only go to the volcano if you were doing geography, so I missed out). We went to both the Dead Sea and Jerusalem on Christmas Day (that was fab but Bethlehem was over-commercialised - and it was also pretty shocking seeing children of our age toting guns), Dikili, Pergamon, Rhodes, Knossos, and finally Malta.

Pamela Brooks (Sewell)

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