Mixed Woodwork Class

These two unusual photos came from Andy Seeley, who many of you will recall was Head of Handicrafts, Housemaster and overall manager of the College's many clubs and societies for many years.  He suggested that the photos were taken in the 1960s, but what do you think?  Please let us know if you can identify faces.  Maybe this was a handicraft club or - perhaps more likely - means to keep the little blighters amused because normal school routine was disrupted for some reason.  Is that snow outside?  Most of the boys are wearing aprons that were part of their standard 'kit list.' The building still stands, just to the south of Kett Hall.

From Moira Greenlee:

When I spotted your new pics on the Site and even the name of them I thought "I was in the first mixed woodworking class they did at wycol". I was almost surprised when I was right and it was our class there!  It was September 1967 and form 2A ONLY did what they called "Basic Design".  I still have some of the things I made in that class, but not the thingy we were all making in those photos.

The first photo has ----- Gibson, Simon Marfleet, Sheelagh Brennan (looking at the camera) [using a brace & bit - Ed.], the other girl was Susan Parnell (she had Muscular Dystrophy, one of the very few handicapped people that came to the school) and the lad at the back is Roger Scase.

The second photo doesn't have many faces but the one bottom left of Graham Hitchcock (now Smith I think) is Susan Parnell again. One of the others is John Crawford and maybe the back of Noddy Woodbridge's head!?  I will consult with a few of my contemporaries and see if we can name any more .... so don't take this as given.

I thought it was Bob Mullenger was the teacher, not Seeley, but again I will check with friends.

From Jacky McClaren (Green):

I was actually in 1A then 2B, or not to be ... anyway, I do recognise Hitchcock at the very front bending down in the second photo. I can't recall his first name, Graham?  I never had the pleasure of woodwork, just years of pottery, and half a year of cookery, guess what my cooking tastes like!

Moira later consolidated names as follows:

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - Sarah Riches 6 - Sheelagh Brennan
7 - Simon Marfleet 8 - 9 - John Crawford 10 - Graham Hitchcock
(now Smithson)
11 - 12 - Susan Parnell
13 - Philip Gibson 14 - Leon Andrew 15 - Jeremy Vinal 16 - Roger Scase 17 - 18 -

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