Neglected Workshops (1980s)

These photos are believed to date from the mid to late 1980s and were taken presumably as part of a survey.  Comments from the time are recorded in italics.  The buildings became part of the Languages department in 1995.

1. Brazing area - poor lighting - draughts from doors endanger gas pilots.

2. Archaic heating in main workshop.

3. Obsolete fuse boxes still in use.

4. Thirty five year old lathe (sic) still in daily use.

It's a shaper.

5. Sink area and chemical storage in woodwork shop.

6. Oxy-acetylene welding room, low lying, with rotted doors so that floor is always under water in wet weather.

7. Foundry bay - the black line between the arrows is a 1" crack through the walls where the bay is detached from the main building.

This could be the junction with either the Goman Extension that was built in 1953 by staff and pupils, or the linking section (with chimney) where the forge was in the 50s/60s.

8. Electric welding bay - windows rusted shut, walls running with damp.

9. Timber store - ill fitting doors, uneven floor next to circular saw.

10. Automotive engineering workshop.

11. Staff washroom.

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