22nd June 2002

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The venue for the 2002 Reunion was a marquee on Kett Lawn and the 'focus' was the 1980s/1990s.  Almost 100 past-pupils from those years were present and they were supplemented by a dozen or so 'oldies' from earlier years.

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Guest List

At left: Liz Townson (Loyd), Amanda Carey-McDermot (Carey), Juliette Wilcox (Hannah), Alison (Hunter) and Kevin Hancock

At right: Liz, Amanda, Juliette, Alison and Lyndon King

David Spinks, Chairman of the Wymondham College Trustees, welcomes the guests ...
... and it isn't long before the first brave dancers are on the floor. It really was as dark as that.

Steve Sorrell (70s) was booked as DJ for the evening, but was prevented from attending at the last minute.  Steve's friend-of-a-friend stepped in and provided us with a range of music from the 80s and 90s ... as well as some classics from earlier days.
At right: Paul Purslow test drives Wymondham College Remembered.  Thank you to all those who allowed Bill to scan their photos during the course of the evening.

Diners and drinkers.  Bar staff were supplemented by our own Tristan Botly (90s).

A breath of fresh air for Steve Knights, Colin Leaford, Tim Mace, Nick Harding, Julie Harding (Ebbons) & Sue Baxter (Muir).  Talking of fresh air - the reek of rotting PE kit led to a certain amount of deja vu in the Kett bogs!  Meanwhile, a scouting party discovered half of a nissen hut ....
Left: Morag Ward (Muir), Tim Mace, Sue Baxter (Muir) and Colin Leaford

Right: Josephine ---- (Hill), Tim Mace and Morag Ward (Muir).

Nick Harding, Morag Ward (Muir), Sue Baxter (Muir) & Colin Leaford.  Sue was in rather similar circumstances in the early 70s (right - at centre).

Past midnight ............

... and WC Association Committee members Julie Harding (Ebbons) and David Spinks were still trying to sell copies of the 50th Anniversary book!  Co-author Mike Brand went to great lengths to encourage potential buyers .....

Very many thanks to Alumni Secretary Carol Arnold for organising the event and to the College catering staff for a superb barbeque.  Next year, the 'focus' will be the 1970s - see you there!






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