21st June 2003

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Photos from Tania Mallows (Cavell 1971 -1976):
Left: Jacqui Harte, Jonathon Watts & Julie Jude (nee Belcher).

Right: Grant Scott, Jennifer Perryman, Jacqui Harte and Julie Harding (Ebbens).

Left: Julie Jude (nee Belcher), Jacqui Harte, Ian Hughes, Grant Scott and Richard Ross.

Right: Jacqui Harte, Tania Mallows and Julie Jude (Belcher).

Left: Jenny Perryman, Julie Jude (Belcher) and Julie Harding (Ebbens)

Right: Richard Ross and Yvonne Ross (Vick), plus Rebecca Spall (Rant)

Photos from Colin Leaford:

Left: Roz Knights (Whiting), Steve Knights, Josephine Russell (Hill)

Right: Annie Mills (Lambert), Rebecca Rant, Siobhan (Munroe), with David Scotton in the background .

Left: Anne Ashworth, Jeremy Linden- Ball, NK

Right: Cliff Martin, Dave Chedgey, Sue Therrien, Jenny Perryman, NK

Left: Clare Marshall (Cooke), Chris Parnham

Right: .......

Left: .........

Right: Nick Harding, Sue Baxter (Muir), Colin Leaford  

Left: Colin Leaford and Carole Arnold

Right: Michael Brand, John Wilson, Carole Arnold 

Left: Fiona Reeks, Mr Reeks, NK

Right:NK, Mrs Brand  

"Miss Reeks became Matron of Fry Boys in 1976 when Gladys Dolan retired. Fiona must have been all of 19 at the time!" - Colin Leaford

Left: Tania Mallows, Julie Jude (Belcher), Jacqui Harte, Grant Scott

Right: Yvonne Ross (Vick), Julie Harding (Ebbens), Robert Lambert  

Left: Richard Ross, Colin Leaford, NK, Yvonne Ross

Right: Richard Ross, Colin Leaford, NK. Fry custom from the 70s? Other houses need not apply!  

Left: Nice tan mark, but who are they?

Right: Clare Marshall (Cooke), Chris Parnham, Steve Read, Robin Richardson, Anne Richardson (Warner), Phil Robinson 

Left: NK, Jeremy Linden-Ball, Anne Ashworth, NK

Right: The barman

Left: Marie-Clare Isaman, Nick Harding, Colin Leaford

Right:  Mekala Rolfe? NK, NK

Left: Tania Mallows, David Scotton

Right:Josephine Russell (Hill), Siobhan Munroe  

Left: Steve Knights, Josephine Hill, Siobhan Munroe








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