22nd June 2013

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On Saturday 22nd June a reunion was organised by Karen Snook (Rumball) 77-82 at The Unthank Arms in Norwich which is owned by an OW, Nick De'Ath. Prior to the evening event Karen organised a visit to the College for those who wished to have a look around to see what had and hadn't changeThanks go to Anne and Adrian Hoare and The Bursar, who were there to chat and reminisce.


Below the photos is a list of those present during the evening and those who wanted to come but couldn't make it.


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1 Matt Duke, Adrian Hoare, Beccy Brown 2 Barry Harding, Nick Robinson, Glenn Dodds, Matt Duke, Karen Rumball
3 Glenn and Lofty 4 Matt, Beccy, Karen and Phil
5 Matt, Karen and Phil 6 Cavell Hall

Karen and Beccy

8 In Cavell
9 Gary Johnson, Katrina Harrison, Dominic Doe, Julie Brooks 11 Jo Nixon, Elsie Rowe, Katie Treutler, Clare Rumball, Tanya Crowe
12 Helen Treutler, Katie Treutler, Sandy Bull 13 Stephen Rutherford, Michael Saunders, Simon Scott

Karen, Shep, Phil and Beccy

15 Charlie, Lofty, George Taylor
16 Beccy and Vanda 17 Muttley and Matt
18 Karen Rumball, Steve Grady, Craig Ferguson, Adam Korn, Phil Jones, Melissa Blakely, George Taylor      



Karen Rumball, Beccy Brown, Vanda Glister, Liz Stockwell, Glenn Dodds, Nick Robinson, Barry Harding, Phil Jones, Matt Duke, Andrew Graver, Donna Ward, Dominic Doe, Jo Breese, Steph Lewins, Clare Rumball


Craig Ferguson, Michael Saunders, George Taylor, Mark Garner, Melissa Blakely, Helen Treutler, Katie Treutler, Jo Nixon, Tanya Crowe, Liz Solly, Gary Johnson, Julia Brooks


Charlie Scott, Simon Scott, Steve Grady, Katrina Harrison, Sandy Bull, Rob Shepherd, Neil Sherman


Robert Rowe (Frankie), Adam Korn, Steven Rutherford, Elsie Rowe


Apologies for anyone I've missed and from those that couldn't make it ....

Bex Clegg, Andrew Macaleny, Laura Locke, Chris Allen, Ginni Solly, David Howarth, Ben Hillier, Martin Rumney, Nadine Hatten, Donna Barker, Shaun Wyles, Rich McGonagle, Robert Walton, Johnny Wheeler, Theresa Meadon, Selina Evans, Pete Cook, Tomiya Riches and Nick De'ath whose pub we were in !!


Karen Snook










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