Sixties Bunch Spring Weekend Reunion 8th-10th April 2005

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For me it actually started early on Thursday evening sharing a glass of red wine with Eileen Pearson before Graham Smith arrived. A few more glasses followed!

Next morning the weather was freezing with sleet and rain. Not ideal for golf but we went to Bawburgh anyway. After a full English breakfast the rain stopped, we teed off at 11 o'clock and never looked back. Back in the clubhouse by 3 drinking tea. Then it was off to Blakeney where Susanne Milligan and Sandra Leeks had already arrived and booked in at the Manor Hotel. Soon after that Alan Bridges and Marion Rix strolled in, followed by John Young, Eileen and Graham. After an excellent dinner we sat chatting and drinking in a very comfortable lounge.

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Saturday was a busy day. First chore after breakfast was to decide on the horses we would back in the Grand National. Then we went to the lookout at Cley beach. Now that was somewhat cold and windy down there, but the sensible half among us sat in the shelter and bathed in the sun while the other half headed along the bank in search of the elusive driftwood! There was a group of young schoolkids doing some fieldwork on the shingle bank and they were all so cold, even though they were all wrapped up for Arctic conditions. They all stuck at it although they could hardly hold their papers and clipboards. (Except for one rebellious chap who gave us some interesting insight into his future plans!) All a reminder of things we had endured some time ago!

Eventually we headed off for the short drive to Holt where coffee or hot chocolate with cream in Byfords is a must. That was followed by a visit to Ladbrookes, a swift stroll along a couple of streets and into the Feathers for a light lunch and refreshments. (see photo - above right) John then had to leave for home, Graham headed off to Carrow Road and the rest went drinking in Blakeney until it was time for the Grand National. In the meantime our very own Reverend Richard Hines arrived to join us in urging the winner home. Yes, Marion picked the winner but unfortunately our next horses came in 5th and 6th. Still we almost recovered all our money. Time for a rest and a drink before dinner and of course listening to snippets of Norwich scoring goals. Alistair Taylor appeared as did Victor Laird, Steven Human and finally a very happy Graham who made it back from the football just in time for dinner. Excellent food again after which we retired once more to those comfy chairs in the lounge. (see photo) Lots of usual fun and laughter before slowly one by one we headed to bed.

For me next morning it was a nice jog to Morston to get an appetite for breakfast, while others went for an early stroll. Big breakfast to set us up for Sunday's walk. Yes, we packed our bags, paid the bills and headed out onto the marshes for the walk to Cley. Was just like the 60's and as Richard said "We should wear caps really!"  At least the weather was improving all the time. Nice little village Cley with a nice little coffee shop/bar. After the break it was a walk back to Blakeney for lunch which was a fresh crab sandwich or prawn, or cockles and mussels on the quayside. Very enjoyable in the sunshine just watching the world and its people go by.

That in short and in a few paragraphs was the weekend. Always great fun with the best company one could ever ask for. Just goes far too quickly but it always provides memories to cherish.

'Till next year ...

Philip Wade









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