Sixties Bunch Grand National Weekend Reunion; 7th - 9th April 2006

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Friday 7th April.

I caught the train from Woodbridge to Ipswich where I transferred to the 2.00 p.m. train from Norwich carrying Sandra Leeks, Eileen Pearson, Alan Bridges, Graham Smith and the Sister of Rees Ling.  The plan was for Marion Rix to board at Chelmsford. Trouble was, the train didn’t stop at Chelmsford and so we went very quickly straight past Marion!  All worked out as Marion caught another train and we all met up at Liverpool Street.  By five we were at the Hyde Park Hilton enjoying tea as Susanne Milligan arrived.

A quick wash and brush and off we went for a stroll down Queensway where after 100 yards we squeezed inside the Rat and Parrot for something to drink. Alan Corrigan and Anthony Thomas joined us, as did a friend of mine, then Roger Hayward did and finally John Young. Great atmosphere in the pub but dinner at the hotel was booked for 8.30 and a fine meal it was too.

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In the pub; Alan Bridges, Graham Smith, Susanne Milligan and Victor Laird.
In the pub; John Young, Eileen Pearson, Philip Wade, Marion Rix and Sandra Leeks.

Saturday 8th April

Trainers on and a quick jog around part of Hyde Park before what was a breakfast that had everything.  Horses for the Grand National chosen and the bets placed.  Plan for the day was to visit Greenwich, so we casually strolled through the park, caught a bus to town and took the boat down to Greenwich.  A nice way to see what’s been built beside the Thames.  At Greenwich we were joined by Victor Laird.  First stop was a pub, having passed the Cutty Sark, which served excellent coffee and food. Weather was bright and dry if a bit chilly.  We strolled up to the Observatory, great views from there, then down to the Maritime Museum, the Painted Hall and finally the chapel before catching the boat back.

Jumped ship at the Tower and raced round to a hotel to watch the Grand National.  Our horses came 3rd and 4th so we didn’t lose everything.  Managed to pick 7th, 8th and 9th too but you get nothing for those! B ack to Rat and Parrot for pre-dinner drinks but too crowded so into another pub that served just as good beer and wine. Next stop was an Italian restaurant where a hearty meal was enjoyed by all.

Graham Smith and Philip Wade at Buckingham Palace.
Horseguards Parade; on the bollards are Sandra Leeks, Susanne Milligan, Marion Rix, Eileen Pearson, Alan Bridges, Graham Smith and Philip Wade.

Sunday 9th April

Trainers on and a quick jog around another part of Hyde Park before that breakfast that again had everything.  We then made our way to Buckingham Palace, strolled through St. James, posed in front of the Horseguards Parade, through Admiralty Arch and down Whitehall to the Houses of Parliament.  Up to and across the Millennium Bridge and into the Tate and out again. Back over the river where the girls headed back to Hyde Park and the boys headed into the Centre Page for a swift half and a snack.

Time once more went all too quickly and we found ourselves back on the tube and train heading home.

Another excellent weekend full of fun with great friends.  Looking forward to next year already!

Philip Wade









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