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27th June 2008 and another great Old Wymondhamians Golf Day at Sprowston Manor, organised by Bob Rowell, where golfers numbered 23 and evening diners 53.

The weather was perfect ....
Old Wymondhamians Chairman-elect Mike Herring with Tony Wyatt. "Yes Mike, it's a ball, and you put it in a hole with a stick!"
Barrie Corless, Mike Rees, Dave Fitt and John Beales.
Dave Clarke, Barry Adkins, Tony Pyle, Chris Chamberlin.
Chris Chamberlin (Technical School 1951-56), back after 52 years!
Roger Hubbard, partner Lynda and Terry Coppin.  TJC: " Who is he?" Lynda: "He's not mine"
Bob Rowell, Pat Howard (Nee Marsh) and David Whyte.
Aubrey Hammond
David Clarke, Tony Pyle, Chris Chamberlin and Barry Adkins.
Mervyn Taylor, Mike Herring, Tony Wyatt and Tony Moulton.
Terry Coppin, Roger Hubbard, Lynda Davis and Tony Lake.
Richard Blowers, Bob Mapes, Aubrey Hammond and Muriel Blowers (Nee Curry).
Heather Reed and Adrian Smith.
Anne Snushell (nee Drinkwater) and Mervyn Taylor.


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