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Friday 11th April

For me, Sandra Leeks, Graham Smith, Eileen Pearson, Steven Human, and Alan Bridges it was all aboard the 2.30 p.m. train from Norwich to Liverpool Street if you came from East Anglia.  It ran on time and even stopped at Chelmsford for Marion Rix to step on. Thanks to Sandra for sorting out the tickets.

A short stroll to the Crowne Plaza Shoreditch to meet Susanne Milligan who was already booked in. After a quick unpacking ceremony it was into the bar. John Young appeared and by 7.30 we went to the 7th floor restaurant for dinner. Food was excellent. Great view of the London skyline at night. And so to lights out.

Saturday 12th April

Up bright and breezy for one of the best breakfasts you could ever wish for. Alistair Taylor joined us at the hotel. First stop of the day was a visit St. Pauls Cathedral where we met up with Thelma Worby, a newcomer to all this reunion stuff!  Was the first time I had ever been to St. Pauls.  Quite an amazing building.  Most of us managed to get to the whispering gallery, the stone circle and the gold circle – lots of steps.  Victor Laird joined us in the Crypt café which was a nice surprise.

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Next stop was Covent Garden, always so busy with all the street buskers, but a vibrant place. Sandwiches for lunch while sitting on the steps of a roundabout! (Until the heavens opened up!)

Then it was off to the Dominion Theatre, where Victor left us, to watch We Will Rock You, an excellent show. Thanks to Alan for arranging the tickets. That was followed by drinks in the Tottenham after which we said goodbye to Thelma, and made our way back to the hotel where Roger Hayward joined us and John left us. Another fine dinner on the 7th floor.

Sunday 13th April

Up for the good breakfast and then off to Tower Bridge to watch the London Marathon.  Plenty of spectators.  Pity about the weather.  Marion’s brother was running and she managed to see him.  The boys enjoyed a light lunch in a pub; Alan especially enjoyed the Guinness jus that came with his jacket potato!

Before long we were all on our merry way home – time gone too quick once more.  As always this was a weekend of great fun for me and it's all down to those who came along.

Next year the plan is to take a break in Paris going on the Eurostar over the weekend of 20th April (just like a school trip!). Place the date in your diary. All very much looking forward to it.

Roll on next time!

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