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Sprowston Manor was again the venue for our annual Golf Day and Reunion. Unfortunately the weather was overcast and it did drizzle in the afternoon but that did not detract from the golf challenge. In the evening I am sure we all enjoyed meeting our friends and the meal in the Suffolk Suite in the hotel.

We welcomed Joan and Malcolm (Bish) Barnham from Brisbane, Australia and Dennis Thomas from Bay of Plenty, North Island, New Zealand, it was great that they were with us.

Also welcomed were former fifties pioneer teachers Eileen (Nee Fox) and Miles Baron. Eileen taught domestic science and possessed a speedy turn of speed on the wing at Hockey. Miles excelled at all things connected with animal husbandry and horticulture, yes they taught such things at school in those days. Miles also trained our smaller fifties students in the art of boxing, mostly out of necessity!

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm, we must make early arrangements for next year, the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of the College.

The result of the golf event was:-

Muriel Blowers ran away with the Ladies Title and looks forward to other Lady challengers next year.

Winner – Men           Barry Adkins
Longest Drive           Mike Reynolds
Nearest Pin               Tony Lake
Award for Greatest   Dave Clarke and Mike Herring 

Apparently they took on-course coaching from David Spinks whose main theme was visualization and execution which appeared to work in Dave’s case!

David observed that good spirit and respect for the Rules of Golf were embraced by serious golfers and not so serious golfers alike, for which we are eternally grateful!

Mike Reynolds, Bob Rowell, Barrie Croxford
Mervyn Taylor, Aubrey Hammond, Tony Lake
Dave Clarke, Barry Adkins, Muriel Blowers, Tony Pile
David Lockwood, Chris Chamberlin, John Wyatt, John Beales
Mike (Six Iron) Herring, Tony Collins, Malcolm 'Bish' Barnham, Steve Read
Herring not convinced that choice of 5 iron by caddy/coach (David Spinks) is the correct one. The look of bemusement is that of 'Junior' Steve Read.
Joan and Malcolm 'Bish' Barnham (Brisbane). Happy to be back.


Those attending:

Emba Jones, Bob Rowell, David Whyte, John Beales, Pat Woldridge (Dack), Mike Herring, Jane Herring, David Burdett, Gerald Livick-Smith, Sheila Livick-Smith, Dave Clarke, Janet Couperthwaite (Wing), Mike Reynolds, Maggy Skipp (Smith), Tony Pyle, Huby Harbord, Ann Pyle (McCafferty), David Spinks, Esme Wyatt (McNulty), Ann Snushall (Drinkwater), Tony Wyatt, Peter Read, Richard Blowers, Muriel Blowers (Curry), Geoff Morter, Bill Wiskin, Barry Adkins, Pat Howard (Marsh), Chris Chamberlin, Sallie Chamberlin, Heather Turner (Reed), David Everitt, David Lockwood, Jean Gouldthorpe (Southgate), Malcolm (Bish) Barnham , Joan Barnham , John Gouldthorpe, Jenny Wickham (Howell), Phil Robinson, Lawrie Burdett,  Barrie Croxford, Mervyn Taylor, Aubrey Hammond, Steve Read, Tony Lake, Tony Collins, Miles and Eileen Baron (Teachers 51-55) , John Kirkland, Terry Coppin, Dennis Thomas, Joyce Pycroft (Daniels), Brian Pycroft, Terry Nicholls, Beverley Nicholls.


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